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Current Work:

  1. MGH and the country are dealing with an acute shortage of opioids. Keep updated on the strategies to ensure that patients pain is managed by checking out the MGH Apollo site.
  2. Patients who have a section 12 do not need constant observation.
  3. There will be changes in Hydromorphone concentrations and reservoir limits and alarms to help conserve opioids during the shortage.
  4. If you have a patient wearing a cardioverter vest, which is not recommended when they are inpatient, place the appropriate sign over their bed to alert everyone who encounters the patient.
  5. IV nurses are in the process of learning how to insert Accucath peripheral IV’s which can stay in longer, have a high rate of success of insertion on the first stick and improve patient satisfaction.
  6. Ensuring that there must be verification by two individuals qualified to administer medications whenever the person preparing the medication or solution is not the person who will be administering it, ensures safety and is effective in preventing diversion. Please discuss this with your leadership and colleagues to determine how you can move this into your permanent practice.
  7. The evidence shows that patients who have undergone a mastectomy/lumpectomy are not at a higher risk for developing lymphedema when they have blood pressure, lab draws and IVs in their affected limb.

2017 Accomplishments

  • Re-named committee from “Policy, Procedure and Products” to “Clinical Practice” to better reflect the nature and scope of the committees work and its interprofessional nature.

  • Created campaign “Erase The Waste” where champions brought pictures of supplies which are wasted when a patient is discharged. Working with Materials Management, the cost of those items was tallied and averaged, showing that annually supplies costing $425,000 to $1,240.00 are wasted. This information was shared at the SAFER Fair.
  • Reviewed, revised and approved over ninety nursing procedures as well as non-nursing procedures/policies which impact patient care, such as medication policies.

2018 Goals

  • Nursing policies and products will continue to be reviewed by this Committee with the goal of ensuring safe, evidence-based nursing practice.

  • Champions will continue to bring forward opportunities to: improve patient care; identify practice issues/concerns in their department/unit.

  • Champions will continue to identify opportunities to decrease waste and costs by influencing their colleagues and continued collaboration with colleagues in materials management and other departments.

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Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1-3:00 pm in the Sweet Room, Gray/Bigelow 432

Committee Contacts:

James Bradley, RN, Staff Nurse, Ellison 7

Kristen Kingsley, RN, Staff Nurse, Bigelow 9

Lillian Ananian, RN, CNS, Blake 7

Barbara Cashavelly, RN Nursing Director, Lunder 9


CG Clinical Practice Committee Champions

Clinical Practice Committee Overview

The Patient Care Services Clinical Practice Committee sub-Committee reviews and approves policies and procedures to ensure they are appropriately vetted and evidence-based. Champions review and approve products that are brought into the practice environment, including the plan for product roll-out. Champions should have an interest in influencing how the policies and procedures that guide practice are reviewed and implemented. They should also have an interest in being involved in the decisions to purchase and trial products in the clinical area. return to top


  • Enhance professional development.
  • Engage in joint projects with other Collaborative Governance committees.
  • Align the work of the committee with PCS strategic goals. return to top

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