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Current Work:

  1. Implicit biases are biases in our judgment or behavior from our thought processes that operate on an unconscious level.  Implicit bias is shaped by our experiences and is influenced by the media, our education, and everyday interactions.  It is helpful to be aware that implicit bias exists in all of us.
  2. CG Committee leaders Carmen Vega-Barachowitz and Anabela Nunes shared resources that are available to help with concerns that champions are experiencing regarding issues related to diversity and inclusion.  These issues seem to be experienced more frequently in the current sociopolitical climate which is influenced by new executive orders and immigration laws.
  3. The Annual Summer book selection for discussion at the December meeting is Jodi Picoult's “Small Great Things”.  Christine Marmen will invite Ms. Picoult to join our discussion.

Accomplishments 2016

  • A focus on the over-arching theme of ethical care for vulnerable populations.   

    • Champions participated in a book discussion with Dr. Jim O’Connell about his book, Stories from the Shadows: Reflections of a Street Doctor, facilitated by one of our champions. 

    • This theme was carried over into our SAFER fair table.  These populations include the elderly, veterans, the homeless, non-English speaking patients, patients with disabilities, and many others.  The highlight of our SAFER fair table was the collection of a van full of socks, hats, and gloves donated by members of the MGH community which were donated to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. 

  • The EICP leadership conducted a needs assessment of our champions at our first meeting in January.  We used this data to prioritize and guide the work of the committee for this year, and going forward to the next few years, to best meet the needs of the champions. 
    • Based on the needs assessments, over-arching themes were identified.  Several case presentations throughout the year addressed specific topics identified in the needs assessment.
        • End of Life/Advance Care Planning:
        • Social Justice/Equality:
        • Navigating Conflict:
  • The EICP again served as a resource to the MGH community regarding advance care planning (ACP) through education, consultation, and coordination of ACP activities.
    • Co-led by two champions, the EICP sponsored the Annual MGH Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Information Booth for patients, families, and MGH staff to coincide with National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD) on April 27, 2016.. 
    • Prior to, and throughout the roll out of EPIC, reviewed and educated champions on functionality within EPIC regarding advance care planning documentation, code status, and emergency contact information.
    • The EICP provided feedback on the review of the MGH Limitation of Life Sustaining Treatment Policy, and the Planning in Advance for Your Healthcare brochure for patients and families.

Goals 2017

  • Serve as a resource to the MGH community regarding advance care planning (ACP) through education, consultation, and coordination of ACP activities.

  • Maintain the EICPC EED portal page to insure that this resource supports the educational needs of committee champions, MGH staff, and the public. 

  • Educate clinical staff concerning current ethical issues that impact practice and available ethical resources 

  • Encourage committee champions to voice questions and concerns regarding ethical challenges in practice. 

  • Create opportunities for professional growth, development, and participation for committee champions.

  • Integrate an Evidence Based Practice framework when considering ethical issues and challenges facing clinicians.

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1st Wednesday monthly
1pm - 3pm
Conference Room

Committee Contacts:

Brian Cyr, RN
Staff Nurse Bigelow 11

Jennifer Mantia,
RN, Staff Nurse Blake 7 MICU

Gail Alexander, RNBlum Patient and Family Learning Center

Cynthia LaSala, RN, CNS- Phillips 20

Jenny Crampe, Perioperative Services

CG Ethics Champions

The Patient Care Services Ethics in Clinical Practice (EICP) Committee is a multidisciplinary committee, which was formed to develop and implement activities and programs to further clinicians’ understanding of ethical aspects of patient care. The work of this committee involves identifying strategies to integrate ethical judgment into professional practice and consultation at unit and organizational levels related to ethical issues in patient care. return to top

  • Design and implement activities and programs to support the development of staff in Patient Care Services in the area of health care ethics.
  • Promote culturally competent care and staff education.
  • Employ strategies to educate EICP champions the area of health care ethics.
  • Student outreach.
  • Identify and address ethical issues and conflicts faced by clinicians in Patient Care Services.
  • Provide consultation to the organization regarding policies, procedures and programs with ethical implications.
  • Expand the impact of EICP through collaboration with other Collaborative Governance Committees, links with the organizational initiatives, and professional conference participation.
  • Engage in joint projects with other Collaborative Governance committees.
  • Align the work of the committee with PCS strategic goals. return to top
  • All Patient Care Services professional staff are eligible to apply during the annual application process.
  • Annually, committee leaders recommend applicants to the Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse based upon the committee’s needs.
  • Applications are occasionally accepted from professional staff outside of PCS and will be recommended based upon the needs of the committee.
  • Committee meetings and events are open to the PCS community. return to top

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