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Current Work:

  1. Patti Shanteler, RN, Staff Specialist shared that the MGH nursing peer review (NPR) process has been revised and will now incorporate practice development as part of the review process.  To support implementing the changes, the recommended changes to the NPR process were identified by a representative group of nurses across MGH who participated in a workgroup that developed the tools. A pilot was developed to test tools and process.  More importantly, the nurses completed a pre- and post- survey that was used to make changes to the program before implementing it. The peer assessment will now include two aspects of an individual’s practice: recognizing practice strength, and identifying a practice development opportunity to assist a peer in developing goals to enhance or advance an aspect of nursing practice.

  2. Judy Tarselli, RN from Infection Control, discussed recent data that shows a decrease in hand hygiene pre-and post-patient contact. MGH is now at 87% pre-and 95% post contact. The JC expects 90% compliance; we are below that. RNs are now in the 80-89% range. The MRSA rate, which dropped significantly when adherence was high is now at .43%. We have had this program in place since 2002 and in that time, we have had large turn over in staff, people have tuned out the messages. On October 15th-22nd, Infection Prevention week we will return to “back to basics” to raise new attention.

2016 Acomplishments
  1. To enhance their knowledge of how Nursing & Patient Care Services resources are managed and to inform their cost containment ideas and thinking, the SNA members requested an educational session on budgeting.  As a result, the January 2016 SNA meeting was dedicated to a presentation by Antigone Grasso, Director of Patient Care Services Management of Systems and Financial Performance, on the interconnectedness between the patient acuity system (Quadramed), staff scheduling, and the budgeting process.
  2. Staff Nurse Advisory meetings provided critical forums for conversations regarding eCare training, workflow redesign and Epic implementation strategies.  SNA members were an important part of the successful April 2016 Epic go-live as well as key voices for providing timely feedback on issues and challenges within the first few months of implementation.
  3. Over the course of several months, SNA members shared recommendations for enhancements to the Nursing & Patient Care Services Professional Practice Model.  Their feedback, as well as suggestions from other Collaborative Governance committees, has been incorporated into the current model.
  4. On an ongoing basis, the SNA committee has been used as a sounding board to guide important work across MGH.  In 2016 sample agendas topics included:  a discussion with Police and Security leadership to maximize patient and staff safety, a dialogue regarding the content and structure of educational opportunities from the Norman Knight Center for Clinical & Professional Development to identify what will be most valuable for staff, and a conversation regarding the best practices to enhance the patient experience.
  5. Seven Staff Nurse Advisory members attended the annual ANCC National Magnet Conference in Orlando, Florida in September 2016.   These members eagerly volunteer to share what they have learned at the conference with their SNA peers and unit based colleagues.
  6. The Staff Nurse Advisory Committee welcomed Case Management into Patient Care Services in 2016.  The inclusion of a Case Management representative on SNA will be a valuable addition to the committee.

2017 Goals

  • To involve Staff Nurse Advisory members in the successful transition in leadership to a new Chief Nursing Officer.
  • To engang SNA members in the work of identifying, prioritizing and implementing Partners 2.0 innovations
  • To leverage SNA member enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to excellent in patient care as we prepare for MGH's June 2017 ANCC Magnet redesignation process.
  • To continue encouraging SNA members to give voice to quality and safety issues and concerns.
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1st Tuesday
Trustees Conference Room
(Bulfinch 225A)

Committee Contacts:


Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP, FAAN

Vice President, Patient Care & Chief Nurse

Maureen Greenberg    PCS Administration

CG Staff Nurse Advisory Champions


The Patient Care Services Staff Nurse Advisory Committee provides a forum for communication between nursing leadership and clinical nurses at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Committee members representing all patient care units engage in dialogue with nursing leaders about matters of patient care and professional development. return to top


  • Provide dialogue between the Chief Nurse and clinical nurses.
  • Dialogue includes matters affecting patient care delivery and clinical and professional development in the Department of Nursing.
  • Opportunity is provided for two-way communication. return to top


  • Registered nurses from PCS are eligible to apply annually and/or as positions become available.
  • Generally, only one nurse per patient care unit may serve at a time.
  • Nursing Directors are responsible for ensuring that their units are represented and are responsible for making the final recommendation to the Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse. return to top

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