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Current Work:

  1. Managers from Parking and Commuter Services indicated whereas we are moving away from sticker system to provide complementary parking to family members whose patient had died; nursing staff can call Police and Security in that type of circumstance and tell them what garage the family is parked in and how many cars (if more than 1) will need this special exemption.
  2. New menus are in the final phases of development and there will be a menu that stays at the bedside in addition to a “selection sheet” that patients will turn in with choices aligned with their restrictions (similar to current process). Menus are also in the process of being translated into Spanish.
  3. Communication boards with Patient experience data and comments will be placed on each unit.  When it arrives, champions are urged to discuss its importance to colleagues and generate ideas for improving the patient experience.
    Point to Talk books are available for patients who don’t speak English through interpreter services and on the webpage
  4. 2017 goals were discussed and subgroups were formed to refine the wording of those goals from which objectives and tactics will be formed.

Accomplishments 2016

  • Promoting awareness of patient education topics through publishing in Caring Headlines and preparing, sharing, and discussing materials with staff and visitors at two separate MGH events. Published three articles in Caring Headline.
  • Increasing champions’ development as patient education experts was accomplished in several ways.  Champions heard from MGH experts who presented on several topics that champions considered from their patient education focus (i.e. the patient placement of transgender patient guidelines; assessing patient instructions in Partners eCare System; communicating with patients during eCare go live and the Inpatient Addictions Team).
  • Participated in a journal club where articles on such topics as promoting safe use of Opioid analgesics through patient education and geriatric health literacy to review and engage in champion- facilitated discussions.
  • A case presentation brought by a champion on a challenging situation helped the champions engage in a discussion to relate similar experience, reflect on the situation and make recommendations for future cases


2017 Goals

  1. Orientation of new co-chair and champions

  2. Continue to develop champions’ patient education expertise

  3. Continue to evaluate and explore technology available to enhance patient education with emphasis on streamlining information available

  4. Collaborate with other CG committees:  “Patient Experience” on improving medication communication scores

  5. Link Caring Headline articles and Teachable Moments Flyer to strategic initiatives.

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2nd Wednesday monthly
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Conference Room GRB 432

Committee Contacts:

Amber Blough, RD
Dietitian, Food & Nutritions

Julie McCarthy, RN
PACU, Ellison 3

Gail Alexander, RN
Blum Patient and Family Learning Center

Brian French, RN, PhD(c), BC, Director, The Knight Simulation Program and Blum Patient and Family Learning Center in The Institute for Patient Care

Waveney Cole
Institute for Patient Care

CG Patient Education Champions


The Patient Care Services Patient Education Committee is a multidisciplinary committee whose goal is to support clinical staff in developing their role in patient education activities that reflects the diverse patient population served. The committee supports these activities through stimulating, facilitating and generating knowledge of Patient Education materials, programs and systems that will improve patient care and enhance the environment in which clinicians shape their practice. return to top


  • Develop strategies to assist healthcare providers in patient education design and implementation.
  • Disseminate patient education information and activities to the larger MGH community.
  • Collaborate with the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical & Professional Development to develop patient education programs to benefit PCS staff.
  • Participate in the Joint Commission Task Force to promote interdisciplinary education tools.
  • Recommend systems and technology to support the cataloging, dissemination, documentation and evaluation of patient education activities and materials.
  • Assure activities and materials reflect diversity of the population served.
  • Engage in joint projects with other Collaborative Governance committees.
  • Align the work of the committee with PCS strategic goals. return to top


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