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The Patient Experience Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with improving the delivery of integrated, comprehensive patient and family centered care. The Committee champions will focus their work on identifying opportunities to nurture an environment conducive to healing and comfort.

 Current Work
  1. Patient Experience Champions provided suggestions for refining the feedback provided pertaining to safety reports in a more direct, timely manner to improve the quality and safety of care.
  2. Following the recommendations of Patient Experience Champions, the hospital menu is now available in Spanish.
  3. The Huddle report in Epic is a good source of information to facilitated patient centered care, handoffs and planned transitions in care
  4. Positive gains have been made in patient satisfaction with quiet at night and staff responsiveness indicators.
  5. SAFER Fair activities including a scavenger hunt for information in Epic that helps us individualize care are being planned.
  6. Departments are encouraged to display progress made in Patient Satisfaction scores in key areas (Quiet, Responsiveness, Communication, etc.) to promote transparency.

Accomplishments 2017

  • Continued our 2016 activity of providing input into standardizing menus and having translated menus available. Standardized menus are now available on many units with translated menus now available on request in Spanish, Arabic, and Haitian; with Chinese and Portuguese coming soon. We could provide input by inviting Sue Doyle Assistant Director of Patient Food Services to the committee, who ultimately joined our group as a champion.

  • Several members attended the Patient Experience Summit and learned of different ways other Partners facilities have helped improve the patient experience. Two members of the collaborative governance (CG) Patient Experience Committee were appointed to the Patient Care Services (PCS) Patient Experience Steering committee, serving as liaisons between our committee and PCS leadership.

  • Our committee hosted several guest speakers, including: Police/Parking regarding parking fee waivers, Sarah Wakeman regarding the Substance Use Disorder Program, Patti Shanteler reviewed the Avasys system, and Sharon Badgett-Lichten discussed the upcoming roll out of the I-CARE model in response to identified opportunities to improve the patient/family experience.

2018 Goals:

  • Continue to develop and implement strategies to improve the patient experience, aligned with the Office of Patient Experience goals (MD communication, quiet times, staff responsiveness).

  • Continue to partner with other offices/disciplines to educate champions on hospital wide programs to take back to their own areas.

  • Pilot test strategies to align patient/family expectations with their experience, working with patients and staff to improve processes.

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1st Tuesday of the month
1:00-3:00 pm
Trustees Room, Bulfinch 225A

Committee Contacts:


Kristen McGoey, RN,

Paul Arnstein, RB, The Institute for Patient Care

Sharon Badgett-Lichten, LICSW, Practice Improvement

Samantha LaPierre, Surgery

Patient Experience Champions



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