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The Patient Experience Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with improving the delivery of integrated, comprehensive patient and family centered care. The Committee champions will focus their work on identifying opportunities to nurture an environment conducive to healing and comfort.

 Current Work

  • At the SAFER Fair patients were asked to write their comments about a recent stay or office visit.  Champions also distributed handouts that help exemplify the sensitivity needed to provide a good patient experience for vulnerable populations; such as the transgender policy. A member of the Patient Family Advisory Committee was also available to talk with staff and members of the community on being “a patient”.

  • Champions heard a presentation from Practice Improvement on our quiet at night scores. 2016 YTD results are 50.4%, down 0.4% from last year. Some thoughts on why found that Food and Nutrition staff were leaving galley kitchen doors open, food carts are noisy, even the newer ones which Buildings and Grounds have looked at and the hallway fridge stocked during quiet times. MDs/staff congregating outside patients rooms to talk. Champions made recommendations on reaching out to other departments, developing a checklist of elements of securing the unit for quirt time and having OAs manage the reminders (lights, announcement, etc.).

  • Two members, former patients, from the PFAC committee met with the champions to discuss not only their experience on PFAC and being a patient but the outreach they do to patients and families who are also going through hospitalization and treatment.

Accomplishments 2016

  1. Collaborated with Nutrition and Food Services to make snack and meal menus available in the six most requested languages during 2017.
  2. Created and piloted a quiet time checklist to assist Operations Associates to use during quiet times.
  3. Hosted ten educational presentations from resources across MGH such as: Addictions Medicine (Conversations about Change and Motivation); Patient Family Advisory (Transforming Care with Patient’s Input)

2017 Goals:

  • Aid in setting and managing patient/family expectations
  • Identify opportunities to improve teamwork across disciplines and work groups.
  • Guide service recovery conversations
  • Collaborate with Nutritional Services on the development of Menus for non-English speaking patients
  • Ensure standard implementation of Quiet Time protocols

1st Tuesday of the month
1:00-3:00 pm
Trustees Room, Bulfinch 225A

Committee Contacts:


Jenna Hall, RN
Staff Nurse Ellison 14

Kristin McGoey, RN
Staff Nurse Ellison 7

Paul Arnstein, RN CNS, Pain Management

Sharon Badgett-Lichten, LICSW
Senior Project Manager
Practice Improvement

Helen O'Carroll, Oncology/ Women's Health hocarroll@Partners.or

Patient Experience Champions



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