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Current Work:

1. Champions had extensive discussion planning for the upcoming Safer Fair:

  • Reviewed and determined Handouts
  • Did You Know Posters; selected 2 (Foam Dressings & Opioid Addictions, and discussed completing new DYK poster on Evidence Based Practice
  • Decided to provide flyers for Upcoming September and November Journal Club presentations
  • Committee discussed the development of an “interactive poster-game.” (PIN the DRAINAGE BAG on the PATIENT)
  • Laptop for playing video on Evidence Based Practice

2. Discussion on the development/progress of the DYK poster on Diversity

3. Committee planned for the upcoming Journal Clubs:

  • October 2nd – Marian Jeffries “Research for Practice. Evidence to Support the Use of Occlusive Dry Sterile Dressings for Chest Tubes.” Published May/June 2017 in MEDSURG Nursing
  • November Journal Club with Ellen Robinson

4. Champions are involved in an Evidence Based Practice Project; Hardwiring Evidence Based Practice into Clinical Care. Committee members forwarded articles to review and assess with the Johns Hopkins evaluation tools for next meeting

5. The committee leaders encouraged the champions to continue to promote the positive work of the Journal Club to colleagues.

Accomplishments 2016

  • "More Than Just a Journal Club" subcommittee hosted: Dr. Tracy J. Brudvig, clinical associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the MGH Institute of Health Professions presented her article, "Critical Thinking Skills in Health Care Professional Students: A Systematic Review” and Julie Cronin, DNP, RN, OCN on Phillips House presented her article, "Family Members' Perceptions of Most Helpful Interventions During End-of-Life Care."

  • Did You Know" subcommittee successfully implemented a new, faster poster production timeline.With this new process, they were able to distribute a timely poster on "Reducing Opioid Overdose Deaths."
  • Champions increased their knowledge of the EBP process by attending two EBP presentations: "What is Evidence Based Practice" by Tom Blanchard and "How do you find the evidence" with Lisa Liang Philpotts. Champions also compared the usability of two evidence appraisal tools: the Cincinnati Children's LEGEND tool and the Johns Hopkins Model tools. After appraising multiple articles with both tools, champions reached the consensus that the Johns Hopkins tools were easier for practicing PCS staff to use, and since then, the Johns Hopkins model and tools have been introduced to PCS staff via the "Advancing Evidence Based Practice" initiative and a newly launched Evidence Based Practice Excellence Everyday Portal. The Johns Hopkins Model tools are currently being used by PCS staff pursuing EBP projects on their units.

  • Champions shared real life examples of evidence based practice projects being implemented by PCS staff at the SAFER fair. Champions provided information to SAFER fair attendees on resources that can support the implementation of EBP at MGH. Champions also invited staff to share their expertise in research or best practice by providing sign up lists to present at "More Than Just a Journal Club" or by producing a "Did You Know?" poster.

Goals 2017

  • Review the evidence on creating/ensuring the success of unit based journal clubs.

  • Collaborate with other shared governance committees to address shared goals.

  • Identify 3-4 priority topics for “Did You Know ...?”  Posters for 2017 and identify 3-4 research studies published by MGH staff for presentation at “More than Just A Journal Club”

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1st Monday monthly
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Conference Room, Blake 8

Committee Contacts:

Lisa Philpotts, MLS Treadwell Library

Christina Jewell, RN, Staff Nurse, EP Lab


Mary Susan Convery, LICSW, Social Work

Virginia Capasso, RN, Institute for Patient Care

Stacianne Goodridge

CG REBP Champions


The Patient Care Services Research and Evidence-based Practice Committee (REBP) exists to foster the spirit of inquiry around clinical practice. The committee supports nurses in the research utilization process and communicates the results of research activities. We believe that passion and purpose fueled by energizing forces builds great achievements.return to top


  • Foster a spirit of inquiry around clinical practice.
  • Promote awareness of evidence based practice.
  • Encourage and provide support for evidence based practice.
  • Engage in joint projects with other Collaborative Governance committees.
  • Align the work of the committee with PCS strategic goals. return to top


The “Did You Know” Poster Subcommittee generates posters about various important clinical topics. Potential authors may be nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, or any other member of the healthcare team. The DYK subcommittee supports authors in acquiring and evaluating evidence, as well as editing the posters. We work in conjunction with a graphic artist to create professional quality posters to disseminate valuable clinical information to over 70 locations throughout MGH, including clinics and health centers. For more information, or if you would like to author a DYK poster, please contact subcommittee co-chair Carolyn Bleiler ( return to top


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