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Published twice a month, Caring Headlines shares stories of best practices, innovations in care, clinical narratives, professional achievements, and topics of interest to healthcare professionals throughout the MGH community.

Caring Headlines: Everyone is Enjoying the New Playroom on Ellison 18! - December 21, 2006

In this Issue: Pediatric Unit Gets New Playroom - Jeanette Ives Erickson: A Look Back at 2006 - Patient Education Conference - Administrative Fellows - New Password Program - Clinical Narrative: J. Patrick Birkemose, RN - Professional Achievements - Clinical Pastoral Education - Fielding the Issues: Clinical Recognition Program Review Board - Educational Offerings - Nutrition & Food Services: Holiday Safety Tips

Caring Headlines: MGH Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month - December 7, 2006

In this Issue: Physical Therapy Month - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Patient First - Fielding the Issues: Smoking Cessation - Respiratory Care Week - Coordinated Care Clinic - Clinical Narrative: Alison Squadritio, PT - Plain Partnerships - Quality & Safety: New Laboratory Changes - Professional Achievements - Making a Difference Grants - Educational Offerings

Clinical Affiliations ProgramCaring Headlines: Medical Nursing: a Complex and Rewarding Speciality - November 16, 2006

In this Issue: Medical Nursing - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Patricia Benner Visit - Fielding the Issues: Flu Vaccine - Medical Nursing Practice Committee - Ushering in New Medical Nurses - Clinical Narrative: Brittany Kupferberg, RN - Magnet Conference - Quality & Safety: Safety Reports - Nutrition & Food: Holiday Survival Tips - Recognition: Hess Receives Jimmy A. Young Medal - Educational Offerings - McLeod Farewell

Caring Headlines: Pastoral Care Week at MGH - November 2, 2006

In this Issue: Pastoral Care Week - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The Center for Innovations in Care Delivery - McEachern Award - Making a Difference: Linda Devaux - Ramadan - Clinical Narrative: Susan LaGambina, RRT - Recognition: Felix Ojimba, Barbara Mahoney, RN, Susan Tully, RN - 65 Plus - Fielding the Issues: New AHA Guidelines - Ballantine Award - Professional Achievements - Educational Offerings - Burn Prevention Week

Caring Headlines: Latino Heritage Month Mes de herencia latina - October 19, 2006

In this Issue: Latino Heritage Month - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Celebrating our Latino Community - Fielding the Issues: Latino Heritage Month - Interpreter Services - Quality Core Measures for Heart Failure - Clinical Narrative: Marjorie Volero, RN - Ernesto Gonzalez Award - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mary Lavieri, RN - Educational Offerings - Universal Protocol

Caring Headlines: Peace, Shalom, Salaam Sharing a Celebration of the Hebrew and Islamic Holy Months - October 5, 2006

In this Issue: Celebrating the Beginning of Ramada / Tishrei - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research - Fielding the issues: New Inpatient Care Building - Trauma Rapic Assessment Care Unit - The Nursing Research Journal Club - Clinical Narrative: Christine Perino, RRT - Professional Achievements - Nursing Moments: Kathy DeGenova, RN - Educational Offerings - 40th Anniversary Party in the Main OR

Caring Headlines: D'Antonio Receives Corrao Clanon Award - September 21, 2006

In this Issue: Ben Carrao Clanon Award - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The Institute for Patient Care - Fielding the Issues: Documentation and Communication - Lean Equipment Management System - SummerWorks Program - Service of Rememberance - New Leadership: Thomas Burke, MD - Clinical Narrative: Sheila Pallotta, PT - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Lynda Tyer-Viola, RN - Quality & Safety: Safe Hand-Offs - Food & Nutrition: Ingredients Room - New Graduate Nurse in Critical Care Graduation - Educational Offerings - Neuroscience Units Investing in the Future

Caring Headlines: The MGH ProTech Program: Opening Doors to New Opportunities - September 7, 2006

In this Issue: ProTech Graduation - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Collaborative Governance Survey 2006 - Fielding the Issues: Staffing Ratios - Patient Education - Clinical Narrative: Marissa Legare, RN - New Leadershiip: Eileen Flaherty, RN - New Policy: Emergency Discharge Perscriptions - Educational Offerings - Quality & Safety: Fall Reduction Program

Caring Headlines: Providing Quality health Care Half-way Around the World - August 17, 2006

In this Issue: An Update from the Durant Fellows - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Global Thinking - Fielding the Issues: Service Improvements Initiatives - Physical Therapy: The Boston Lobsters - Clinical Narrative: Katherine O'Meara, RN - ENCARE Teaches Safety and Prevention - Staff Perceptions of the Professional Practice Environment Survey - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Marion Phipps, RN - Food & Nutrition Services: Nutrition Screening - Educational Offerings

Caring Headlines: Carol A. Ghiloni Oncology Nursing Fellowship - August 3, 2006

In this Issue: Carol A. Ghiloni Oncology Nursing Fellowship - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The Forces of Magnetism - Fielding the Issues: Reliable Child Care - Volunteer Recognition Day - Clinical Narrative: Ann hession, RN - Professional Achievements - Educational Offerings - Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace

Caring Headlines: New Lifts Let Clinicians Move Patients with Ease - July 20, 2006

In this Issue: Moving Patients with Ease: New lifts let clinicians move patients with ease - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Omnicell, On-line Safety Reporting - Fielding the Issues: PCS Diversity Committee - Workplace Education Program Graduation - Robert W. Carey Lecture - Caring for the invisible Patient - Recognition: Durante Award, Cronin and Raphael Award - Clinical Narrative: Kathie Capeless, RN - Quality & Safety: National Patient Safety Goals - MGH Heart Center - Food & Nutrition: Cardiac Patients - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Lynn Oertel, RN - Excellence in Action Award - Educational Offerings - Professional Achievements

Caring Headlines: Making a Difference Grant Program - July 6, 2006

In this Issue: Making a Difference Grant Program - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The MGH Chaplaincy - CPE Graduation - Fielding the Issues: The Tracheostomy Quality Team - Clinical Narrative: Lisa Duncombe, PT - Operations Improvement in the OB Service - Professional Achievements - Educational Offerings

Caring Headlines: Clinical Recognition Program Celebrates Advancement - June 15, 2006

In this Issue: Clinical Recognition Program celebrates advancement - Jeanette Ives Erickson: JCAHO - Fielfing the Issues: Guardianship - MGH Patient Education TV Channel - A Response to Sexual Assault - Reading Disabilities - Creative Solutions in the AntiCoag Unit - MESAC Update - Clinical Narrative: Shanna Heffernan, RN - OB Nursing Retreat - Quality & Safety: Safe Transport - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Katie Brush, RN - Professional Achievements - Food & Nutrition Services - Educational Offerings - Spanish News Paper

CaringHeadlines: Nurse Week 2006 - May 25, 2006

In this Issue: Nurse Week - Nurse Week Presentations: Jeanette Ives Erickson - Suzanne Graham - The Making of an ICU Nurse - Joyce Clifford - Scientific Sessions - Loretta Sweet Jemmott - Nurse Week Aboard the USNS Comfort - Yvonne Munn Research Awards - Nardini Hemodialysis Unit and Nurse of Distinction Award - Nursing Spectrum Recognition - Boston Globe Pays Tribute to Nurses - Eduational Offerings

Caring Headlines: The Meaning Behind 'speech-language-pathology' - May 4, 2006

Inside this Issue: Speech-Language Pathology - Jeanette Ives Erickson: The Journey of a Lifetime - Speech, Language & Swallowing Disorders - Orren Carrere Fox Award - GCRC - Clinical Narrative: Mary Sullivan, RN - Oncology Nursing Award - Bowditch Prize - Occupational Therapy - The Beat Goes On - Quality & Safety: Hand Hygiene - Fielding the Issues: Safety-Reporting System - Professional Achievements - Safety: Medication Reconciliation - Educational Offerings - Blood Drive

Caring Headlines: Celebrating Oncology Nursing at MGH - April 20, 2006

Inside this Issue: Celebrating Oncology Nursing - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Oncology Nursing - Self-Care - Creating a Healing Environment - Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy Order Set Coordinator - An Interview - Radiation Oncology Nursing - Clinical Narratives: Corrina Lee, RN, Marilyn Gammon, RN - Perspectives: Outpatient Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Oncology Nurse Practitioner - Cancer Nursing Practice Committee - What Oncology Nurses are Saying - Fielding the Issues: ED Observation Unit - Educational

Caring Headlines: Norman Knight Preceptor of Distinction Award - April 6, 2006

Inside this Issue: Knight Preceptor of Distinction Award - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Precepting - Fielding the Issues: Communication and Documentation Project - CCRN Graduation - Patient Education - Professional Achievements - Educational Offerings - Quality & Safety: Reading Back Critical Values

Caring Headlines: 'You're Incredible' Celebrating Our Pediatric Patients and Caregivers - March 16, 2006

Inside this Issue: Special Pediatric Issue - Children and Health Care - Jeanette Ives Erickson: "Your're incredible!" - Food & Nutrition Services: Jamie Sheldon - Child Life Specialists - One Child's Story - Pediatric PT - Pediatric OT - A Look Back - Clinical Narrative: Meghan McDonald, RN - Family-Centered Care - A Tribute - Neonatal Transportation Team - Advanced Practice Nursing - Educational Offerings - Recognition in the ED

Caring Headllines: 9th Annual Collaborative Governance Celebration - March 2, 2006

Inside this Issue: Collaborative Governance - Jeanette Ives Erickson: JCAHO, the Patient Care and Environment Evaluation Tool - Fielding the Issues: Charles Street / MGH T Station - Pinning Ceremony - Clinical Narrative: Rachel Bolton, RN - Making a Difference: Maryellen McNamara, RN - Safety: New Web-Based Safety Reporting System - Professional Achievements - Police, Security & Outside Services: Electronic Access Requests - Conferences: Promoting Palliative Care - Educational Offerings - Quality & Safety: Abbreviations

Caring Headlines: Celebrating Three Years of Pet Therapy at MGH - February 16, 2006

Inside this Issue: Pet Therapy - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Patients First - Fielding the Issues: IMSuRT Team - Food & Nutrition: The Enteral Geeding Unit - Durant Seminar - Clinical Narrative: Caroline Fitzgibbons, PT - Job Shadow Day - Quality & Safety: Using Two Identifiers - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Susan Gavaghan, RN - Flu Clinic at State House - Educational Offerings - NERBNA Awards

Caring Headlines: Visiting Professor Shares Expertise in Wound Healing - February 2, 2006

Inside this Issue: Visting Professor Program - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Capacity Management - Martin Luther King Day Observance - Wound Care Education Program - Fielding the Issues: Quit Smoking Service - Ethics Committee Goes to Washington, DC - Clinical Narrative: Colleen Gillen, PT - Professional Achievements - Educational Offerings - In Memoriam: Paul Lindquist, Robin Holloway, RN

Caring Headlines: Kirvilaitis Awards Recognize Partners in Caring - January 19. 2006

Inside this Issue: Kirvilaitis Awards - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Work Hours Studies - Fielding the Issues: E-Mail Guidelines - New Director of Chaplaincy - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Sandra Silvestri, RN - Clinical Narrative: Kristin Appel, RN - Nursing Educational Opportunitites - National Youth Leadership Forum - Hand Hygiene Update - Observations of a Co-Op Student - Educational Offerings - Mihrab Comes to the Masjid

Caring Headlines: Stephanie M. Macaluso, RN Excellence in Clinical Practice Awards - January 5, 2006

Inside this Issue: Macauluso Award Ceremony - Ann Eastmann, RN - Judy Foster, RN - Jackie Sigel, LICSW - Holiday Happenings - Educational Offerings - About the Award .

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