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Published twice a month, Caring Headlines shares stories of best practices, innovations in care, clinical narratives, professional achievements, and topics of interest to healthcare professionals throughout the MGH community.

MGH Celebrates Physical Therapy - December 14, 2017

In this issue: PT Month at MGH - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Looking Back at 21 years of Excellence - Magnet and Joint Commission Surveys - National Respiratory Care Week - PT Month at MGH - Clinical Narrative: Kirstie Hinsman, PT - A Celebration of Stars - Ernesto Gonzalez Award - Orren Carrere Fox Award - Fieldig the Issues: Patient-Family Discriminatory Behavior Policy - Nursing History: Responding to the Halifax Explosion - Announcements - Fielding the Issues: New-Hire Drug Screen Progra

The Institute for Patient Care Celebrates 10-year
Anniversary - November 16, 2017

In this issue: Institute for Patient Care 10-Year Anniversary - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Welcome Magnet and Joint Commission - The Institute for Patient Care: Intro - The Blum Patient & Family Learning Center - The Knight Center for Clinical & Professional Development - The Munn Center for Nursing Research - Skin and Wound Care - Evidence-Based Practice - The Clinical Recognition Program - Collaborative Governance - The Clinical Ethics Program - Global Nursing Education - MGH Cares about Pain Relief - Clinical Affiliations - Credentialing, Recognition, and Job Shadowing - Announcements - National Disability Employment Awareness Month - MGH 2018 Quality & Safety Goals

Burke Named New Chief Nurse and Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services - November 2, 2017

In this issue: Burke Named New Chief Nurse and Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Welcome Debbie Burke, RN - SAFER Fair - How Does Magnet Come Alive on Your Unit? - Reaching Out to Improve the Long-Term Care of Burn Patients - Clinical Narrative: Carol McMahon, RN - Nurinsg History: Nurses Serve Overseas During Great War - Ellison 16 Celebration - Fielding the Issues: The Office of Patient Advocacy - Announcements - Simchat Torah - Medication Safety

Gun Violence - October 19, 2017

In this issue: Gun Violence - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Gun Violence - Substance Use Disorders - Clinical Narrative: Vanessa Poirior, RN - HAVEN Celebrates 20th Anniversary - Fielding the Issues: Upcoming Magnet Site Visit - Announcements - The Allan More, MD Medical Servces Blood Drive - Congratulations Knight Center

Diversity at MGH - October 5, 2017

In this issue: Diversity at MGH - Jeanette Ives Erickson: New MGH Patient-Family Discriminatory Behavior Policy - Patient Education Committee: Health Literacy Awareness - Clinical Narrative: James Ehrlich, RN - Nursing History: Nurses Serve Ourseas during Great War - Announcements - Fielding the Issues: An Update on our diversity Agenda - HCAHPS

Excellence Every Day Rally - September 21, 2017

In this issue: Excellence Every Day Rally - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Excellence Every Day and Perpetual Rediness - Global Nursing Symposium - National Recovery Month - Evidence-Based Practice Initiative - Clinical Narrative: Casey Vandale, PT - Professional Learning Environment for Nurses (PLEN) Survey - Fielding the Issues: Our Journey to Transparent Patient Classification - Excellence Every Day Rally - Announcements - Magnet Staff Notice - HCAHPS

New Pediatric Wheelchairs - September 7, 2017

In this issue: Pediatric Wheelchairs - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Charlettesville, Heather Heyer, and Moral Authority - Sepsis: Early Detection and Treatment - New Pediatric Wheelchairs - Nursing History: Carrie Hall Makes her Mark during World War I - Service Excellence Awards - Charlettesville Service of Remembrance - Quality & Safety: PCS REsponds to Patient Safety Culture Survey - Fielding the Issues: MGH Patient Safety Culture Survey; Vouchers for Cources at Educational Affiliates - El Mundo Festival at Fenway Park - Nurses Attent International Research Congress in Dublin - Professional Achievements - Announcements - HCAHPS

Bicentennial scholar soon to be MGH nurse - August 3, 2017

In this issue: Bidentennial Scholar to become MGH Nurse - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Excellence Every Day - Youth Scholar Program - Nursing History: Helen Dore Boylston - Clinical Narrative: Lauren McGlone, PT - Paul W. Cronin and Ellen S. Raphael Award for Patient Advocacy - The Ben Corrao Clanon Memorial Scholarship - Fielding the Issues: The New Partners Nurse Agency, Clinical Cocumentation Improvement Program, Partners Smoking Cessation Program - Announcements - HCAHPS

Clinical Research Nursing - July 20, 2017

In this issue: Clinical Research Nursing - Jeanette Ives Erickson: our Magnet Journey - The History and Evolution of Clinical Research Nursing - Clinical Narrative: Karla Dejesus, RN - The Carol A. Ghiloni, RN, Oncology Nursing Fellowship - Fielding the Issues: Welcoming the Joint Commission - Announcements - New Leadership: Suzanne Algeri, RN - Partners Charlestown Merit Scholarships

Iftar at MGH - July 6, 2017

In this issue: Iftar at MGH - Jeanette Ives Erickson: national Patient Safety Goals - Iftar at MGH - Global Health: South African Discovery Program - Pride Week at MGH - Remembering Mimmy McCarthy - Clinical Narrative: Elizabeth Daley, RN - National Healthcare Volunteer Week - Nursing History: Parson Works to Gain Rank for Military Nurses - Partners Healthcare Biobank - Fielding the Issues: Renovations int he Perioperative Setting - Internatinal Nurses Day at the UN - Announcements - HCAHPS

Re-Designing the OA Role - June 22, 2017

Re-Designing the OA Role - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Partners 2.0 - Using Customized Videos to Reinforce Patient Education - The Professional Learning Environment Surveys - Clinical Narrative: Mary Boisee, RN - Advance Care Planning Booth - Fielding the Issues: Clinical Recognition vs. Clinical Ladders - In Memoriam: Yvonne L. Munn, RN - Announcements - The Next Generation of Nurses: Sarah Mularz - HCAHPS

Nurse Week 2017 - June 1, 2017

In this issue: Chief Nurse Presentation: Nursing & Patient Care Services 'quarterback' gives memorable Nurse Week address - The Power of the patient's voice in research: stories from the bedside and beyond - Interactive Nursing Research Poster Display - 2017 Nursing Research Award recipients - 2017 Nursing Research Poster Awards - Best practices for transforming 21st-century, multi-generational learning - MGH Nurses Simply the Best - The wisdom of experience: advancing practice through safety narratives - Scholary works: the science behind nursing leadership - The myths, realities, and ZZZs of safe sleep for infants - Perioperative Nursing - Dottie Jones name 'Living Legend' - Some scenes from Nurse Week

Celebrating Speach Language Pathology - May 4, 2017

In this issue: Better Speech and Hearing Month - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Continuous Virtual Monitoring - Nursing History - Life Experience Narrative: Danny Nunn, CCC-SLP - The Next Generation of Niurses: Mike Tanguay - Compass Awards - Fielding the Issues: Changes to the Evaluation Process for Nursing Performance Appraisals - Announcements - HCAHPS

Occupational Therapy Celebrates 100 Years - April 20, 2017

In this issue: Occupational Therapy Celebrates 100 Years - Jeanette Ives Erickson: N&PCS 2017 Strategic Plan - Occupational Therapy Celebrates 100 Years - 2017 Patient Safety Stars - IDEA Grants - Clinical Narrative: Jaclyn Cmero, OTR/L - The Next Generation of Nurses: Sally Vanderploeg - Needlesticke Safety - Fielding the Issues: Volte Phone; Smoking-Cessation - Announcements - Nurse Week Schedule 2017 - Announcements

Speak up for Safety - April 6, 2017

In this issue: Speak Up for Safety - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Clinical Recognition Program Survey - Speak Up for Safety - Nursing History: MgH Nurses Serve in World War I - Clinical Narrative: Jessica Riggs Garton, PT - The Next Generation of Nurses: Amy Smith - Fielding the Issues: eCare One Year Later - Certified Nurse Day - Endoscopy Nursing - Professional Achievements - Announcements - HCAHPS

Welcome - March 16, 2017

In this issue: Welcome - Jeanette Ives Erickson: We are a Better Organization Because of Our Diversity - Advancing our Culture of Safety: Protecting Patients at Risk for Suicide - Suicide Prevention Checklist - Clinical Narrative: Sarah Ballard Molway, RN - The Next Generation of Nurses: Jessica Perira - National Social Work Month: Violence Intervention Advocacy Program - Medical Interpreters: Idioms Can Change Everything - Announcements - Fielding the Issues: Staff Perceptions of the Professional Practice Environment Survey

Black History Month - March 2, 2017

NPCS Black History Month Event - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Resting is Healing: Quiet Times - NPCS Black History Month Event - Social Work Month - NERBNA’s Excellence in Practice Award - Clinical Narrative: Audra Wallace, PT -The Next Generation of Nurses: Evgeniya Larionova -Fielding the Issues: Safety Reporting - National Patient Safety Week Calendar of Events - Why Does She Need a Medical Interpreter -Announcements - HCAHPS

IV Academy - February 16, 2017

In this issue: The IV Academy - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Diversity, Inclusion, the Immigration Ban, and the World Champion New England Patriots - The IV Academy - IDEA Grants - Clinical Narrative: Suzanne Murphy, RN - New Simulation Gym on White 6 - PT/OT Go RED for Women's Health - Smoking Cessation - Fielding the Issues: Volunteerism - Medical Interpreters: To Interpret or Not to Interpret - Announcements

Volunteer Pin Week - February 2, 2017

In this issue: Volunteer Pin Week - Jeanette Ives Erickson: Partners 2.0 Tiger Teams - Volunteer Pin Week - A Wedding on Bigelow 9 - A Note of Appreciation - Clinical Narrative: Nicole Skrzyniarz, PT - Fielding the Issues: The ED Inpatient Border Program - Fielding the Issues: The Tobacco Treatment Program - MGH General Store Gets Face-Lift - Announcements - Professional Achievements - HCAHPS

A Look Back at 2016 - January 19, 2017

In this issue: 2016 Annual Report Wordle - Jeanette Ives Erickson: A Look Back at 2016 - The PCS Strategic Plan - Our Professional Practice Model - The Patient Experience - Partners eCare - Our Narrative Culture - Collaboratice Governance - Diversity - Professional Development - Research - Global Health - The Lunder-Dineen Health Alliance of Maine - Quality & Safety - The Data - The Inaugral Paul M. Erickson Endowned Chair in Nursing - Awards and Scholarships - Clinical Recognition - The Nursing anbd Patient Care Servicers Executive Team

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