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Institute for Patient Care Departments
Neuromedical & NeurosurgicalCritical Care
Blake 12

The Blake 12 Intensive Care Unit is an eighteen bed adult multidisciplinary ICU. The unit accepts patients over the age of 19 years with existing or life-threatening surgical illness or injury. Patients are admitted from a number of services including general surgery, transplant, trauma, neurology, thoracic, vascular, orthopedic, gynecology and medicine. Full Description..

Bone Marrow Transplant / Inpatient Oncology
Lunder 10

Lunder 10 is an integrated 32 bed inpatient hematology, oncology bone marrow transplant unit that serves a young adult to elderly patient population. Patients are frequently followed from time of diagnosis or referral through end of life. The majority of patients have a diagnosis of leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, sarcoma, or multiple myeloma. Patients admitted to this unit require complex care focusing on multi-modality treatment that includes high-dose combination chemotherapy, radiation, biotherapy, and bone marrow/peripheral stem cell transplants comprising both autologous and related allogeneic including mixed chimerism. The goal of patient care spans a continuum that extends from a curative to supportive/palliative care focus. Complexity of care includes management and treatment of side effects and complications of treatment, administration of blood products, pain management, patient/family education and emotional/spiritual support. The most common nursing diagnoses include risk for side effects related to intensive/high dose chemotherapy, risk for injury related to severe immuno-suppression, pain, knowledge deficit related to new diagnosis and/or treatment. Full Description..

Burn ICU & Plastics
Ellison 14

Ellison 14 is a twenty-one bed adult patient care area. Fourteen of the twenty one beds are populated by general care burn, and plastic and reconstructive surgery patients. This patient population has a wide variety of diagnoses and undergoes many types of surgical and medical interventions, including reconstructive and cosmetic procedures (e.g., free tissue transfers, replantation/revascularization, composite vascularized allografts, leech therapy). Full description..

Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Blake 8

Blake 8 is an 18 bed intensive care unit. Patients on this unit have undergone a surgical procedure for the treatment of coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, aortic disease, congenital heart disease, lethal arrhythmias, sudden death experiences and end stage heart disease requiring cardiac transplantation or insertion of a ventricular assist device. Other patients who may be admitted are pre-operative cardiac surgical patients who are in shock and require close hemodynamic monitoring. In rare circumstances when there are no medical or general surgical intensive care beds available, we may accept an acutely ill noncardiac patient until another ICU bed becomes available. Full Description..

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Ellison 9

Ellison 9 is a sixteen-bed cardiac intensive care unit. Patients on the unit are primarily critically ill cardiac patients. Other adult medical critically ill patients may be admitted to this unit. Full Description..

Bigelow 10

Nephrology practice includes the care of patients with impairment of renal function associated with complex diseases and disabilities. Treatments are provided in the following settings: a) seven station special care Hemodialysis Unit, b) Transplant Unit, c) Intensive Care Unit (s) (medical, surgical, neuro, pediatric, and d) in the patient's room if deemed medically necessary. Full Description..

Medical Intensive Care Unit
Blake 7

Blake 7 is an eighteen bed Adult Medical Intensive Care Unit. This is a multidisciplinary unit with a variety of complex respiratory and medical patients. Critically ill surgical and neuro patients are also admitted to Blake 7.We care for many patients that require CVVH and we are also the study unit for patients on an experimental Liver Assist Device.. Full Description..

Neuromedical & Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit
Lunder 6

The Neuroscience ICU is a twenty-two-bed unit dedicated to the treatment of neuroscience patients who require intensive medical and nursing management. The patients cared for in this unit include acute embolic stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, seizure, head injury, spinal cord injury, post-surgical and post-interventional. Full Description..

Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Blake 10

The 18 bed NICU is comprised of 14 level 3 ICU beds and 4 level 2 Special Care Nursery Beds. The NICU provides in house emergency nursing service to both full term and premature infants born at the MGH Vincent Obstetrical Service as well as emergency transport in service for infants born at Partners Wide nurseries and the New England Region. The infant's medical needs are varied and include support for respiratory distress and persistent pulmonary hypertension requiring therapy that includes ventilation, Nitric Oxide, ECMO and CVVH. In addition, the NICU provides both preoperative and postoperative surgical care to infants with the diagnosis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), Tracheal Esophageal Fistula (TEF), and other congenital anomalies of the gastrointestinal, neurological and urinary systems. Premature infants requiring surgery at Mass Eye and Ear are also admitted and recovered in the MGH NICU. Full Description..

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
White 3

PACU is a 31 bed unit caring for patients (adult and pediatric) following surgical interventions requiring general or regional anesthesia. Full Description..

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Bigelow 6

The PICU is a multidisciplinary 8 bed Intensive Care Unit for children from birth to the age of 19. The all RN staff is dedicated to the practice of primary nursing, while embracing a Family Centered Care philosophy. Families are valued from the moment they enter the unit and the nursing staff is artful at assessing their needs and establishing an individualized plan to meet them. As the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Partners Network, this unit serves a culturally and clinically diverse, high acuity patient population from a wide catchement area. Full Description..

Surgical ICU/Trauma
Ellison 4

The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is a twenty-bed adult general surgical ICU. The unit accepts patients over the age of 19 years with existing or life-threatening surgical illness or injury. Patients are admitted from a number of services including general surgery, thoracic, trauma, vascular, orthopedic, gynocology, and obstetrics. Full Description..

Transplant Unit
Blake 6

The Transplant Unit is a 21-bed special care unit located on Blake 6. These beds are designated for acutely ill, solid organ transplant patients. The patient population is comprised of pre and post renal, pancreas, liver, cardiac and lung transplant recipients. Additionally, patients may be admitted to the Transplant unit for treatment of acute allograft rejection, opportunistic infections and soft tissue infections. Long term allograft recipients who require other surgical procedures may also be admitted to Blake 6. The patient population ranges in age from 15 to 70 + years. The unit is HEPA filtered and pressurized (positive) to help protect this immunocompromised population. Full Description..

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