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Institute for Patient Care Departments
Neuromedical & Neurosurgical Perioperative
Center for Perioperative Care
Wang 3

The Center for Perioperative Care is a 33 bed unit for admitting and preparing patients for both surgical and interventional procedures. Ambulatory patients return to this unit for Phase II recovery and discharge. There is a designated Pediatric area which has the capacity to flex between 4 and 9 bays. Full Description..

Blake 4

The Endoscopy Unit provides total gastrointesintal care. Ninety-percent of the patients are outpatients and the remaining ten percent are inpatients or transfers from another facility. There are approximately 20,000 cases performed in the unit annually. Full Description..

Instrument Room
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The Instrument Room is a non-patient care service unit located within the main operating room. The responsibility of this unit is to decontaminate, assemble, and prepare for sterilization, all surgical instruments for a 37-room operating room. It provides all instruments necessary to support a very active surgical schedule. It also offers an outsource repair and sharpening service. Full description..

Main Operating Rooms
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The Main Operating Room is comprised of 38 Operating Rooms performing surgeries in specialties including Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular, Neurosurgery, Plastic/Reconstructive, Oral/Maxillio-Facial, Burns, Orthopaedics, Gynecology, General Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine and Trauma. We perform cutting edge surgery using state of the art technology such as minimally invasive techniques, lasers, MRI and intraoperative radiation. Current areas of growth include the renovation of a state of the art vascular radiologic surgical suite and our "OR of the Future" opened in July 2002. This OR, a collaborative effort between MGH, the Center for Innovative and MinimallyInvasive Technology, will feature the latest technology and patient flow and staffing models. Full Description..

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
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PACU is a 31 bed unit caring for patients (adult and pediatric) following surgical interventions requiring general or regional anesthesia. Included in the unit is a 4-bed overnight area in which critically ill patients are closely monitored. The care of these patients is consistent with MGH intensive care unit practice. Full Description..

Pre-Admission Testing Area
Jackson 121

The Pre-Admission Testing Area otherwise known as PATA is an integral part of the pre-procedure assessment process for patients and families at Massachusetts General Hospital. The clinic is committeed to providing a holistic practice model to the assessment process. The goal is to evaluate, assess, educate and prepare patients and families for a successful and safe hospital experience. Full Description..

Same Day Surgery Unit
Wang Ambulatory Care Center

The Same Day Surgical Unit (SDSU) is a complex area, composed of five contiguous units: the preoperative area (a 20-32 bed holding area for processing and preparing patients for both surgical and non-surgical procedures), the Ambulatory Operating Rooms (10 OR suites), recovery room (a 15 bed area), the post recovery/discharge area (accommodating for 10 patients), and the pediatric area (4 bed preoperative area and 4 bed recovery area). Full Description..

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