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About Patient Care Services

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has many buildings as part of its main campus. It can be overwhelming and confusing to find your way around. Here are some tips to help you get where you need to go.

ASK for help to get to the hospital

  • Friends or family
    They may be able to drive you to your appointments. If so, see how you can best schedule your appointments around their availability. Give your family and friends the chance to help and you’ll be doing them a favor, and you will have the most comfortable and convenient transportation available.
  • Community
    Check with your place of worship or city hall if there are any volunteers or local agencies that provide medical transportation. If you are age 60 or over, check with your local Council On Aging.
  • MGH staff
    Read through this booklet–If you need more help call us, preferably as soon as your appointment is scheduled.
    • If you are coming to Mass General for cancer treatment
      Call the Oncology Resource Specialist: 617-724-0295.
    • Otherwise call the Social Service Department: 617-726-2643.
Medical Escort
Medical escorts are volunteers that accompany you to appointments and help you get around. Some escorts can take notes for you or even drive you to appointments.
  • BostonResidents
    Call Friendship Works (formerly Match-Up Interfaith Volunteers) 617- 482-1510.
  • Place of Worship
    Ask if they have an escort program.
  • Age 60 and over
    Check with your local Council on Aging for escort programs
  • Patients with Cancer
    Call the Oncology Resource Specialist: 617-724-0295 or the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program at 1-800-ACS-2345.
  • All Other Patients
    Call your MGH Social Worker. If you don’t have a social worker, call the Social Service main number at (617) 726-2643.
  • Plan ahead
    Most transportation companies require advance notice and/or an application.

Information about your appointment
Bring the following with you (use our Transportation Planner page to make a note of these)

  • Name of the provider (doctor, physical therapist, etc.) or the name of the test/treatment you are receiving
  • Phone number of the the provider or test/treatment office
  • Building name , address of the building, floor, and room number
    • Remember the ride home! Bring the name and phone number for the company that brought you, so you can contact them when you are ready to go home or if there is a delay. Use the Important Names & Numbers page to organize the information, and keep it with you.

Getting around in the Hospital

  • Information desks
    Check here for directions within the hospital. You can also ask for wheelchairs to use in the hospital and a volunteer to escort you to your appointment.
  • Interpreter Services
    Call Interpreter Services at 617-726-6966, TTY 617-726-0354.


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