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Pediatric Chaplain and Patient

Who are chaplains and what do they do?

Healthcare chaplains are trained to support and facilitate positive spiritual and religious coping for people who experience illness. We accomplish this through excellent listening and counseling skills, an in-depth knowledge of a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, and the ability to touch the existential dimension of human life. Additional information about professional chaplaincy can be found at the sites below.

What do chaplains add to my experience at MGH?

Mass General chaplains are trained to offer sensitive, respectful spiritual care and counseling to individuals and families affected by crisis. Our skill set makes us uniquely able to support your beliefs and spiritual practices. Chaplains can help you draw on ancient spiritual wisdom to cope with current experiences of illness. Visits with the chaplain can promote a sense of healing in relationship to self, others, and the Sacred.

Who do chaplains collaborate with?

Chaplains work with you, and, if you wish, your family members and/or friends. They can serve as a bridge between the hospital bed and your religious community. Chaplains also collaborate with your nurse, doctor, social worker, and other members of your care team.

Are chaplaincy services confidential?

Chaplains adhere to the Federal Health Insurance Portablility and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which addresses the security and privacy of health data, and to the Code of Ethics for Professional Chaplains. Chaplains will share only such information with other healthcare providers that is relevant to your medical care.



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