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About Patient Care Services
Thoracic Surgery, Ellison 19


Ellison 19 is a thirty-bed adult inpatient unit caring for a wide variety of medical and surgical patients. Our surgical patients are primarily complex thoracic and laryngeal patients requiring postoperative and airway management of esophageal, pulmonary, laryngeal and tracheal resections and reconstruction surgeries. Our medical population is diverse and complex. The nursing staff is expert at managing multifaceted airway and respiratory issues seen in the community and adult populations.


Nursing Director
Michelle Anastasi, RN


Operations Manager
  • Chris England


Clinical Nurse Specialist
Marian Jeffries,RN


The MGH Thoracic Surgical Service is world-renowned in caring for complex pulmonary, esophageal, tracheal and laryngeal issues. The nurses on Ellison 19 are expert at managing complex airways, respiratory care, caring for the post operative patient and addressing the teaching needs of our patients.


The patient care delivery model is a patient-centered model, supported by primary nursing, providing high quality, comprehensive, accessible, supportive and personalized care.


BSN prepared registered nurses plan, implement and evaluate patient care in association with the multidisciplinary team. In addition to our RN staff our healthcare team routinely consists of MD’s, physician's assistants (PA), nurse practitioners (NP), nutritionists, respiratory therapists (RT), physical therapists (PT), speech and language pathology therapists (SPL), social workers and case managers (CM). We are also supported by chaplaincy and by psychiatric clinical nurse specialists (CNS’s) for spiritual and emotional support to both patients and staff. The thoracic and medical healthcare teams round and meet daily to discuss patient care. The teaching environment provides staff with a daily opportunity to discuss patients and clinical issues with other members of the care delivery team and to address the plan of care. Patient care associates (PCA) support the RN in the direct care of these patients. The unit support staff also consists of operation associates (OA) and unit service associates (USA). For available positions on this unit, please visit our website at


Our patient delivery model keeps the patient as the central focus and our scheduling insures that our staffing needs meet the acuity needs of our patient population. It is competently managed by a staff nurse team and overseen by the nursing director. This scheduling process allows flexibility to accommodate professional and as many personal needs as possible. Flexible scheduling includes placement of full, part time and per diem staff with shift rotation, utilizing eight and twelve hour shifts and long week and short week opportunities.


All staff attends a one-week general hospital orientation program. This introduction is complemented by a more focused unit orientation customized for the care of our medical, surgical, thoracic and laryngeal patients. Unit orientation utilizes a BSN preceptor based teaching model that is individualized by the clinical nurse specialist (CNS), reviewed with the nurse director, and presented to the new employee. The length of this initial orientation averages 8-12 weeks in length, however instructional and clinical learning opportunities are planned to expand over a one year period to support the needs of the RN. Unit education opportunities are available for strengthening organizational and critical thinking skills. The nursing director and clinical nurse specialist meet with the RN to review development needs and educational goals.


Staff education and development is supported by the unit based CNS and educational programs in the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical & Professional Development which offers full and half day education programs. Staff may also access outside educational opportunities and take advantage of the wealth of graduate educational programs in the New England area. The clinical education of nursing students from local universities is common on most MGH units. Ellison 19 is very active in embracing a learning environment for new students in a group and as individual’s precepted for their senior practicum. Seasoned MGH RN’s have the opportunity to participate as a nurse preceptor/educator for students and new RN’s. RN's may also advance in the clinical practice, participate in one of many Collaborative Governance committees and/or demonstrate proficiency through the MGH Clinical Recognition Program. Our standards for practice are evidence based, supported by our MGH and unit practice committee and offer opportunities for working to improve patient care and address quality improvement. Advancement to the unit resource RN role and eventually the attending RN role on the unit are also great opportunities for growth. The resource RN oversees the management and acuity of the unit needs allowing the staff RN to care for the patients acutely while the attending RN oversees the trajectory of the patient’s clinical needs during the hospital stay and transition to discharge.


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