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Current Work:

  • Achievements of the patient education committee in the 2018 calendar year include highlighting tools and resources to help patients with communication challenges; leveraging Vidscrip as a teaching tool for patients/families; expanding understanding and implementation of universal health literacy precautions, highlighting resources to improve the experience of patients with disabilities, reviewing policies relevant to patient education

  • Seasoned champions shared that their practice has been enriched by committee participation, particularly in the following areas:

    • Improved communication and connection to hospital wide initiatives (specifically Fall prevention TIPS employed in the OP and Endoscopy areas)

    • Better understanding of the resources available to clinicians and where/how to find them (communication boards, menus printed in other languages)

    • More connection to other units, departments and practices

    • More in-depth assessment of patient learning needs and teach back principles

  • All patients benefit from clear communication. Clinicians can overcome health literacy barriers by using universal health literacy precautions and teach-back technique.
  • Champions were empowered to hear about updates to the policy regarding searches conducted in the hospital and the policy regarding care of Transgender patients on impatient units. Some champions expressed that their units often experience confusion regarding bed assignments for transgender patients and appreciate guidance/clarification on procedure.
  • Champions are pleased with the AVS redesign and have found the October updates helpful in improving discharge teaching. Melissa Lantry and Sarah Ballard Molway clarified questions regarding printing of the AVS and the dynamic nature of the AVS after patients leave the hospital.


2018 Accomplishments .

  • Promote champion’s professional development by using strategies that encourage reflection on practice and shared learning. Champions presented practice spotlights on a variety of topics including:

    • the use of augmentative tools and alternative communication techniques for patients with communication differences
    • the challenges of communicating and teaching by telephone
    • patient education efforts for heart failure patients going home with continuous intravenous heart medicine to improve their quality of life or as a bridge to heart transplant
    • challenges to using the After-Visit Summary effectively
  • Champions used their collective role and disciplinary/specialty expertise to share resources and tools to assist patients and families with communication or physical challenges with the MGH community at the SAFER Fair.
  • Develop patient education expertise by inviting experts to present on topics of interest. The topics included:
    • strategies to use to overcome health literacy barriers
    • engaging patients using customized education videos through the Vidscrip platform
    • tools to assess health literacy understanding the functionality of the After-Visit Summary and leveraging it to improve its use as a teaching tool
  • Champions participated in the hospital’s policy review and approval process by reviewing, providing feedback and approving the following:
    • Patient and Family Education (hospital policy)
    • Patient Education: A Nursing Practice Guideline

2019 Goals

  • Advance innovation in care delivery by conducting the meetings in a manner that encourages participation, brainstorming, and sharing of ideas.

  • Promote staff satisfaction by encouraging Champions to reflect and share their practice by leading a “Practice Spotlight” at meeting to highlight areas of practice, promote shared learning through experience, case studies, and continuing education activities.

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Second Wednesday of the month from 1:30-3:00 pm Sweet Room, Gray/Bigelow 432

Committee Contacts:

Amber L. Blough, RD    
Food and Nutrition

Tracy Waterhouse, RN Charlestown Health Center


Gail Alexander, RN   Patient and Family Learning Centerr

Brian French, RN, PhD(c), BC, Director, The Knight Simulation Program and Blum Patient and Family Learning Center in The Institute for Patient Care

Waveney Cole
THe Institute for Patient Care

CG Patient Education Champions


The Patient Care Services Patient Education Committee is a multidisciplinary committee whose goal is to support clinical staff in developing their role in patient education activities that reflects the diverse patient population served. The committee supports these activities through stimulating, facilitating and generating knowledge of Patient Education materials, programs and systems that will improve patient care and enhance the environment in which clinicians shape their practice. return to top


  • Develop strategies to assist healthcare providers in patient education design and implementation.
  • Disseminate patient education information and activities to the larger MGH community.
  • Collaborate with the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical & Professional Development to develop patient education programs to benefit PCS staff.
  • Participate in the Joint Commission Task Force to promote interdisciplinary education tools.
  • Recommend systems and technology to support the cataloging, dissemination, documentation and evaluation of patient education activities and materials.
  • Assure activities and materials reflect diversity of the population served.
  • Engage in joint projects with other Collaborative Governance committees.
  • Align the work of the committee with PCS strategic goals. return to top


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