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The Patient Experience Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with improving the delivery of integrated, comprehensive patient and family centered care. The Committee champions will focus their work on identifying opportunities to nurture an environment conducive to healing and comfort.

 Current Work
  • Lee-Ann L'Heureux (Bulfinch Medical Group) and Devin Chaves (PICU) submitted winning original ideas for how to improve the Patient Experience through a quiet care environment and better staff responsiveness respectively. Their suggestions shared the common elements that collaboration of all; and timely feedback to staff is needed.  Periodic recognition of the most-improved area; in the form of $5 coffee central gift cards to all unit/department-based staff would further enhance the adoption and sustainability of changes.   

  • The HAVEN Program is available weekdays 8:30 - 5:00 to help with emotional, financial, spiritual, sexual, and identity/cultural abuse.  The ED social worker responds 5pm-11pm (weekdays and 8:30am-11pm weekends) then refers cases to HAVEN for follow-up. After 11pm, the ‘On-call social worker’ should be paged.  EAP is available to help staff facing these issues; as is Police and Security as appropriate.

Accomplishments 2019

  • Developed an Orientation Manual for new and returning champions

  • Promoted the iCARE model with an emphasis on Empathy

  • Generated tactics to improve Staff Responsiveness and pilot tested the top ideas with positive feedback from patients and staff on the value of:

    1. Communicating anticipated return time to check on patients

    2. Proactively meeting patients’ needs (“Is there anything else I can do for you before I leave?”)

      • Address patient anxiety that increases use of call bell

      • Return moved items to original location before leaving room

      • Use communication aids for nonverbal patient

    3. Engaging all role groups in efforts to improve responsiveness such as responding to call lights, adjusting tray table, moving the phone within reach. 

    4. Promote teamwork to triage, communicate, and assist even if not assigned

2020 Goals:

  • Engage Champions to promote, disseminate and implement Staff Responsiveness tactics that are identified by the Staff Responsiveness Executive Committee.

  • Involve Champions to support and promote the Quiet Clinical Care workgroup bundling of care tactics and Quiet All of the Time on their respective unit or department.

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1st Tuesday of the month
1:00-3:00 pm
Trustees Room, Bulfinch 225A

Committee Contacts:


Erica Herzog, RN,
Surgical Clinic

Karen Ryle, RPh

Paul Arnstein, RN, PCS Quality, Safety & Practice

Cynthia Sprogis, Office of Patient Experience

Miguel Ferry, Administrative Assistant

Patient Experience Champions



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