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About the Institute for Patient Care

The MGH Innovation Collaborative represents the coming together of a diversity of clinical interests across MGH, all with a common interest in exploring, developing and building the role of innovation in healthcare delivery.  The goal of this effort is to provide a forum where we can talk about our work, hear from experts in the field of innovation and identify areas of collaboration.  As a result, we have put together a series of events where we can do just that – hear from ourselves and others about what interesting things they are up to. 

This collaborative is open to all members of the MGH community and we encourage others to join or just attend events.  For more information about the Collaborative or the event series, please contact Christiana Iyasere ( Our next event will be March 4th, details to follow.

Present membership includes:

The Center for Innovations in Care Delivery, established in 2006, fosters innovative interdisciplinary practice within Patient Care Services.  The work of the Center today emphasizes the development, advancement and interrelated nature of innovative products and processes.  Toward this end, we openly engage the MGH workforce, our patients and several collaborative organizations.  Currently, the Center is heavily involved in the evaluation/ research of the MGH Innovation Unit programs as well as the development of products and opportunities that can have significant impact on care delivery.  For more information contact Jeffrey Adams (

The MGH DOM Innovation Task Force works to accelerate the development and introduction of broadly applicable innovative ideas and cost effective technologies into the patient/provider community both within and outside of the MGH.   We hope to develop an active community that support grass roots innovation, incubation and development of winning ideas, while amplifying a culture of innovation within the DOM.  For more information contact: Mark Poznansky ( or Christiana Iyasere (

The Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at Massachusetts General Hospital seeks to improve human health by accelerating the development of innovative drugs and vaccines, specifically by increasing the speed and cost-effectiveness by which new vaccines and immune-based therapeutics are transitioned from laboratory discovery to clinical development. VIC also promotes an understanding of the importance of accelerated development of new medical treatments with the public and trains the next generation of scientists to pursue this goal. For more information contact: Mark Poznansky (

The Healthcare Transformation Lab (HTL), established in April 2014 in the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center, serves as a venue for passionate people from diverse backgrounds—healthcare, engineering, design and business—to collaborate on new ideas to improve the experience and value of healthcare. The HTL team works with clinicians, staff, and patients to identify opportunities to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care. From there, we connect with external partners, including academia and industry, to brainstorm and pilot viable solutions. The Lab's areas of focus include open innovation, digital health, and the validation of novel and emerging technologies.  For more information contact:  Eric Isselbacher ( or Julia Jackson (

Mass General TeleHealth supports virtual care options for MGH providers and patients, virtually anywhere, to provide convenient, accessible, and patient centered care. Telehealth is a broad and rapidly evolving concept, and it can represent many types of patient interactions, including media such as video, texting, secure email, remote monitoring, and structured patient questionnaires. The multidisciplinary TeleHealth program is currently focused on the providing virtual care options for patients across a range of clinical departments  – ranging from video-enabled patient visits (Virtual Visits) to provider to provider consults conducted online (eConsults) and by video (Virtual Consults).  For more information contact Sarah Sossong (








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