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MGH INNOVATION UNITS: Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Phase 4 (coming soon)
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IDEA Grants

Innovative proposals for an IDEA grant are now being accepted. .
Innovative proposals for an IDEA grant are now being accepted. All employees working in Nursing and Patient Care Services are invited to submit proposals containing innovative ideas to improve the way we deliver care for patients and families. Applications can be submitted through midnight June 17, 2019. If you have questions or if you are interested in setting up an individual consultation for assistance, please contact Hiyam Nadel, RN at


Click here to submit an IDEA Grant Application.



lightbulbThe MGH Innovation Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is dedicated to providing every patient and family with the safest and highest-quality care possible. As part of this ongoing commitment, the hospital initially established 12 Innovation Units to identify and study innovations that will help the hospital raise an already high standard even higher. Today, additional Innovation Units are ensuring the spread of the lessons learned. Each Innovation Unit is testing care interventions, including the new role of “Attending Nurse.” These ARNs coordinate the delivery of patient care with the entire healthcare team.

We're looking at ways to ensure that the experience of every patient and family at MGH goes smoothly from start to finish—that they know who is taking care of them and how they can be reached. And, when they’re ready to go home, everyone feels prepared.

Early data points to success of Innovation Units (Hotline, 11/16/12)
The Innovation Issue (Caring Headlines, 11/1/12)
Innovation Overview (Caring Headlines, 2/16/12)

Patient Journey

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“Innovation in service delivery and organization is a novel set of behaviors, routines and ways of working that are directed at improving health outcomes, administrative efficiency, cost effectiveness of users’ experience and are implemented by planned and coordinated actions.” (Greenhalgh, 2005)


Care Interventions at a glance

Throughout the Patient Experience

  Relationship Based Care

  Increased Accountability through Attending RN (ARN) role



  Pre-Admission Data Collection

  Welcome Packet


  Discharge Follow-up Phone Calls


During Hospitalization

   ARN Role

  Revised Domains of Practice

  Interdisciplinary Team Rounds

  Whiteboards: Electronic, In-Room

box  Portable Devices

  Electronic Communication

  Hourly Safety Rounds

  Quiet Hours

box  Discharge Readiness Toolkit
         (in development)


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