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Institute for Patient Care Clinical Affilations Program

Massachusetts General Hospital has a long history of recognizing employees who consistently exemplify the values that have made MGH a world-class institution committed to excellence in patient and family care. The Department of Patient Care Services (PCS) operationalizes its commitment to these values by celebrating and supporting those employees whose daily practice demonstrates excellence in care and services to patients. Partnering with patients and families we have created a comprehensive award and recognition program that celebrates clinical and support staff in their ability to serve patients and families of the MGH. 

The diversity and number of awards and recognition programs within PCS offers the opportunity for clinical and support staff to be acknowledged for qualities such as advocacy, caring, compassion, leadership, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration. These are qualities that enhance and empower our staff in providing the highest quality patient care. 

Types of Awards and Recognition

Patient Care Services Awards
Anthony Kirvilaitis Jr., Partnership in Caring
Brian M. McEachern Extraordinary Care Award
Jean M. Nardini, RN, Nurse of Distinction Award
Marie C. Petrilli Oncology Nursing Award
Norman Knight Excellence in Clinical Support Award
Norman Knight Preceptor of Distinction
Stephanie Macaluso Excellence in Clinical Practice Award
Janice Plunkett, RN, Excellence in Perioperative Nursing Practice Award
Yvonne Munn Nursing Research Award

Patient Care Service Scholarships
Charlotte and Gil Minor Nursing and Health Professions Scholarship to Advance Workforce Diversity [overview]
The Luella Hamilton Pease Fund [overview]
Norman Knight Doctoral Nursing Scholarship [overview]
Norman Knight Nursing Scholarship [overview]
Cathy Gouzoule Oncology Scholarship [overview]
Pat Olson, RN, Nursing Scholarship [overview]
Ray Eugene and Hannah E. Johnson Scholarship [overview]
PCS Scholarship Application

Patient Care Services Fellowships
Hausman Nursing Fellowship

Patient Care Services Awards Unit Specific Awards
Ben Corrao-Clanon Memorial Scholarship
Ellen Raphael Paul Cronin Award for Advocacy
Molly Catherine Tramontana Award for Outstanding Service and Patient Care
Oncology Career Development Award
Orren Carrere-Fox Award for NICU Caregivers
Patricia McGrail, RN, Nurse Mentoring Award
Susan M. Silva Award

Other MGH financial Resources
Internal Financial Assistance


UPDATED 7-8-2020

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