Idea Awards

The IDEA Awards were created to strengthen our spirit of innovation by encouraging the sharing of ideas among all disciplines within Nursing and Patient Care Services. To seek innovative ideas that are aligned with the four pillars of the MGH mission and would advance, enhance, or improve patient care.

Eligibility is open to all employees in Nursing and Patient Care Services. Proposals are submitted online and include a description of the proposed innovation, a plan for implementation, an impact statement, and estimated budget.



Molly Higgins, RN, wanted to decrease cross contamination of lab specimens and reduce hospital acquired infections. Her proposed solution, Grab-a-lab, is a piece of proprietary medical equipment that dispenses clear, plastic bags in real time to allow healthcare providers to securely obtain and transport lab specimens while avoiding cross contamination of viruses and bacteria.
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Pressure Injury Prevention

Dr. Virginia Capasso and Michael Tady wanted to prevent hospital acquired pressure injuries (HAPI). The majority of avoidable HAPI are medical device related injuries and usual anatomical locations include naso-gastric tubes, oral endotracheal tubes, fetal incontinence device, urinary catheter and flange on a tracheostomy tubes. Dr Virginia Capasso and Michael Tady set out to invent a device for the prevention of these problems.
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