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Yvonne L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship
in Nurisng Research (Pre and Postdoctoral)

The development of the Yvonne L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship in Nursing Research (Pre- and Postdoctoral) is an expansion of the original Munn Postdoctoral Fellowship to include applications from nurses currently engaged in a PhD program and who are predoctoral candidates in the dissertation phase of their research. The goal of expanding the applicant pool to include these candidates is to provide added time and access to resources to accelerate the completion of the dissertation in a timely manner. The Munn Doctoral Fellowship will now seek applications from both pre-doctoral nurse candidates (PhD(c)) as well as post-doctoral, PhD-prepared nurse candidates who are actively advancing a program of research and related scholarship.

Each Fellowship subsidizes up to 400 hours of the fellow’s practice time (200 hours for part time employees) and related expenses over a two-year period up to a maximum of $2,500 to provide the opportunity for the fellow to achieve a research outcome. At the end of the Y.L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship in Nursing Research, the Predoctoral fellow provides a completed research study fulfilling requirements for the student’s doctoral studies, a submitted manuscript on this study for publication, and presentation of the study to the MGH nursing community. The Postdoctoral fellow will submit a grant application for internal/external funding.

Selection Criteria for Pre Post –Doctoral Applicants

  • Applicant is in a PhD program in nursing or a related field, and has attained PhD candidacy and a dissertation proposal defense, or has completed a PhD degree.
  • Applicant is a registered nurse and a regular full-time or part-time staff (a minimum of 20 standard hours per week), who are paid by the Department of Nursing, are eligible (temporary/per diem staff are not eligible).
  • The proposed Postdoctoral research study or Predoctoral dissertation contributes to the advancement of nursing knowledge, science, and strategic goals of PCS.
  • Applicant secures the approval of his/her nurse director and negotiates the support for the subsidized practice time. Please include this letter of support with your Concept Paper submission (see below).
  • Predoctoral candidates must complete the dissertation in the proposed time frame.


Submission Process

Call for applications

  • Direct E-mail contact with an announcement to all PhD candidates and PhD-prepared MGH nurses in November 2016
  • Interested parties to e-mail Y. L. Munn Fellowship Committee Co-Chairs (Dr. Peggy Settle and/or Dr. Mandi Coakley for an application.
  • Dialogue with Y. L. Munn Committee Co-Chairs and completion of a Concept Paper for review by January 13, 2017 Please include the letter of support from your Nurse Director with your Concept Paper.
  • Please note, after your Concept Paper has been reviewed by the Committee, please consult with Ryan Sullivan, Grant Manager at the Munn Center: for guidance regarding your budget preparation. The final and approved budget should be submitted with your application. Project-related costs cannot be billed retroactive to receipt of the award.
  • Final submission of Applications due: February 10 2017.

Selection of Munn Fellows

  • Members of the Y.L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship Review Panel include committee Co- Chairs, the Director of the Y.L. Munn Center for Nursing Research, two appointed doctorally prepared nurse researchers, and an Associate Chief from Patient Care Services.
  • Fellowship Review Committee members will receive a copy of all applications approximately two weeks prior to the Munn Fellowship Selection Committee meeting.
  • Fellowship Selection Criteria and scoring sheet will be provided to all reviewers.
  • Members of the Y.L. Munn Fellowship Review Panel will be convened to review all applications submitted by February, 2017.
  • Fellowship Review Panel will present final recommendation to Senior Vice President/ Chief Nurse by April, 2017.
  • Selection is announced at Research Day during Nurses Week May, 2017
  • Fellow names will be placed on a public plaque in the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research.

Munn Pre-Doctoral Outcome Expectation

  1. The Fellowship period must begin within 3 months after the selection, and a post-award meeting will be scheduled to review terms of the award, resources, and related questions shortly after receiving the fellowship.
  2. Time, as negotiated with the Y.L. Munn Center Director, can be scheduled to enable the Fellow to produce the desired outcome, provided that the allotted 400 hours (200 hours for part time employees) start within three months of receiving the fellowship and are completed within 18 months of receiving the fellowship.
  3. Fellows will provide a written progress report to the Committee every 3 months during the award period. A progress report template will be sent to you by the Munn Center.
  4. Fellows will present the research project in the year in which the fellowship is completed at Nursing Research Grand Rounds and/or other forums.
  5. Fellows will inform the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research of publication, presentations, and grants.
  6. F. It is important to note that any publication including the dissertation or publications directly related to the Yvonne L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship in Nursing Research include the following statement:

“Research support for this investigation was provided by the Yvonne L. Munn Doctoral Fellowship in Nursing Research and the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research, Institute for Patient Care, Massachusetts General Hospital.”

Rev August 2016


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