The Institute for Patient Care

The Institute for Patient Care is an internationally recognized center of excellence consisting of a collaborative of centers and programs driving innovations in patient care, staff education, research and knowledge development and dissemination.


The Institute for Patient Care, housed within MGH Patient Care Services (PCS), represents a first-of-its-kind, innovative model for advancing multidisciplinary health care. The Institute is comprised of four separate centers that together encompass several key tenets of the PCS commitment to delivering the highest quality health care: professional development, research, innovation and patient education.
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Choosing a Nursing Program

In an effort to meet the ongoing learning needs of our staff at all levels and to support the vision for PCS at MGH, we offer this site as a collection of resources to assist current & future health professionals in choosing or advancing a nursing career.


Credentialing processes at MGH are designed to ensure that health professionals who provide services at MGH are qualified and prepared.

Clinical Affiliations Program

Annually over 1300 students from 28 schools of nursing obtain clinical placements at MGH. The Student Group Placements with Faculty Program provides clinical placements for groups of students from local and regional schools. Over 1,000 students from 10 schools are placed in groups with instructors.

Collaborative Governance

Collaborative governance is a critical element within the Professional Practice Model that describes communication and decision-making processes and places the authority, responsibility and accountability for patient care with the practicing clinicians.

Clinical Recognition

Clinicians in Patient Care Services at Massachusetts General Hospital have long valued their role in caring for patients and families. The Clinical Recognition Program provides a way to formally recognize professional clinical staff for their expertise. Through the program, clinical staff from six disciplines in Patient Care Services analyze their own practice and can seek recognition for the level of practice they have achieved.

International Nurse Consultant Program

The Global Nursing Education Program was developed in 1995. This program provides an opportunity for nurses throughout the world to visit MGH and consult with our expert nursing leaders and clinicians. The primary goals of the program are to improve global health care and to promote professional dialogue across cultures.


Nurse educators are challenged to provide meaningful and effective learning opportunities for both new and experienced nurses. Simulation as a teaching and learning methodology is being embraced by nursing in academic and practice settings to provide innovative educational experiences to assess and develop clinical competency, promote teamwork, and improve care processes.

Nursing and Patient Care Services Award Programs

The diversity and number of awards and recognition programs within PCS offers the opportunity for clinical and support staff to be acknowledged for qualities such as advocacy, caring, compassion, leadership, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration. These are qualities that enhance and empower our staff in providing the highest quality patient care.

The Institute for Patient Care

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