Idea Awards

The IDEA Awards were created to strengthen our spirit of innovation by encouraging the sharing of ideas among all disciplines within Nursing and Patient Care Services. To seek innovative ideas that are aligned with the four pillars of the MGH mission and would advance, enhance, or improve patient care.

Eligibility is open to all employees in Nursing and Patient Care Services. Proposals are submitted online and include a description of the proposed innovation, a plan for implementation, an impact statement, and estimated budget.



Jared Jordan, RN wanted to solve the problem of unnecessary patient falls while delivering quality, compassionate care. His proposed solution, JRAD, is a bathroom safety harness that will keep patients safe while maintaining their dignity and privacy while toileting.
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Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Flip Chart

Lillian Ananian, RN, Jeanette Livelo, RN, Paul Currier, MD, and Dominic Breuer wanted to reduce the number of central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) in the MICU. They worked with Northeastern University’s School of Engineering to expand existing CLABSI reduction strategies by posting a CLABSI flip chart with a visual display of the number of weeks since the last central-line infection. Anecdotal findings suggest that the chart has had a positive impact on staff engagement. The IDEA grant supports a study of the impact of the CLABSI-reduction strategy of applying human factors and systems-engineering approaches to patient-safety initiatives.
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