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GRANT Submission/Consultation Guidelines

Grant Consultation Form

All MGH nurses interested in receiving grant consultation please complete the following form:

The staff at the Munn Center for Nursing Research is happy to help you explore funding opportunities or respond to a funding announcement. We can assist you with interpreting the proposal guidelines, provide guidance with grant writing, review and edit sections of your grant, and help develop a timeline for required documents for submission through the MGH Grants and Contracts Office. All projects should align with the goals/strategic plan of the MGH Patient Care Services.

  • All MGH nursing proposals including research, education/training, and workforce evaluation that are submitted for funding internally (MGH/Partners) or externally (government funding agencies, foundations, professional organizations and societies) should be administratively supported and processed through the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research.
  • It is essential that all grant submissions be reviewed by a Nurse Scientist in the Munn Center prior to submission to assure that all components of the grant submission process have been adhered to prior to final sign off by the Chief Nurse and Vice President of Patient Care Services.
  • Grants are often comprised of many sections and the best strategy for the development of a successful proposal is early, thoughtful planning, dedication and receiving the best support possible from the Munn Center. It is ideal to contact the Munn Center several months in advance of the grant due date when possible.

Munn Center Grant Review Process

If you have identified a grant mechanism and would like to consultation on grant development, please submit Concept Paper prior to your initial meeting with the Munn Center (complete sections to the best of your ability). This will allow the review team to better understand your project and be prepared to review your proposal. Grant review, guidance and feedback will be provided during the consultation meetings and upon conclusion of the meeting, goals and deadlines will be reviewed and follow-up meetings will be scheduled. Completed grants will be reviewed using an adapted version of the NIH grant review form to allow for objective measurement and rigor.

Assistance through the Division of Clinical Research & Statistical Support

The DCR provides a variety of services (including project consultation) to investigators for a variety of research methods. Statistical support is offered through the DCR up to (6 hours of support) and any additional statistical assistance can be coordinated through the Munn Center after accessing support from the DCR.

The website for the CRP is:

Assistance with Budget & Contracts for Submitted Grants

The Munn Center provides assistance and consultation to nurse researchers in liaison with the MGH Office of Grants and Contracts, the office within Partners Research Administration. The budget is a critical piece of the application. The Grants and Contracts office requires a minimum of two weeks prior to proposal submission to review and approve the necessary documentation.

Stacianne Goodridge at the Munn Center can assist you with your budget. The completed proposal is submitted directly from the Munn Center to the Office of Grants and Contracts and then by Grants and Contracts to the respective funding agency.

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