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Magnet Overview

Mass General was the first hospital in Massachusetts to achieve ANCC Magnet status in 2003. Re-designated in 2007, 2012, and 2018.

In the early 1980s, there were not enough nurses in the US. Some hospitals did not have shortages of nurses. Research showed that these hospitals were able to attract and retain nurses and were named “Magnet Hospitals.” Magnet Recognition is a hospital award, the highest recognition the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) gives for excellence in nursing practice.

Magnet Designation is a hospital award that recognizes safe, high quality environments for nurses to take care of patients. In Magnet Hospitals, nurses: Provide safer and better patient care, consider a patient’s culture and diversity when providing care, have many resources available to help them provide safe patient care, are able to participate in decisions about patient care and the work environment, have positive relationships with doctors and other team members, have many ways to communicate with nurse leaders, their coworkers, and all members of the hospital community and have support for continuing education and career development.

Why is being a Magnet Hospital important?

  • More than 20 years of research have shown that Magnet Hospitals provide better care and are better places to work. Magnet Recognition is important for patients, staff, and the entire hospital.

Magnet Recognition is important for patients:

  • Do not stay in the hospital as long as they do in non-Magnet Hospitals
  • Are more satisfied with their care
  • Have better health outcomes
  • Are cared for by caregivers who work together with patients and families as part of the team

Magnet Recognition is important for staff because they:

  • Are more satisfied
  • Work in effective teams to care for patients and families
  • Participate in decisions that affect their work-life and the care they provide to patients and families
  • Are supported through ongoing education and career development

Magnet Recognition is important for hospitals because it:

  • Recognizes and rewards outstanding patient care
  • Recognizes the hospital’s commitment to quality and safety
  • Markets the hospital to patients and attracts nurses and other employees who want to work in a Magnet Hospital

For more information on the importance of Magnet visit:

The American Academy of Nursing (AAN) Task Force on Nursing Practice in Hospitals conducted a study to identify work environments that attract and retain well-qualified nurses who promote quality patient, resident and client care. Forty-one of 163 institutions possessed qualities that enabled greater capacity to attract and retain nurses, and were therefore described as “magnet” hospitals. The characteristics that distinguished these organizations from others are known to this day as the "Forces of Magnetism."

To provide greater clarity and direction the new simpler model reflects a greater focus on measuring outcomes and allows for more streamlined documentation, while retaining the 14 Forces as foundational to the program.

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