Magnet© Recognition

Roles and Responsibilities

A Magnet Ambassador is a direct care staff registered nurse from inpatient, surgical, and ambulatory areas with an interest in the Magnet Recognition Program that serves as a role model for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and assists unit/work areas in ongoing Magnet preparedness and readiness.

Magnet Ambassador Criteria:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Demonstrates/fosters excellence in nursing practice at the unit level
  • Creative and innovative.
  • Meets performance management standards with no disciplinary action in progress or pending.
  • Willing to serve until re-designation.

Magnet Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Attends Magnet Ambassador meetings
    • Brings information shared at meetings back to co-workers.
  • Serves as a leader and participant in ongoing Magnet preparedness and readiness activities in your work area
    • Collaborates with unit/area leadership
    • Communicates and shares with multidisciplinary team
  • Uses Magnet website/bulletin board as a resource, learning and sharing tool
  • Prepares work area/unit for the site visit so fellow staff are prepared to:
    • Share excellence in nursing practice on the unit
    • Welcome appraisers and share stories that reflect the nursing Professional Practice Model
    • In partnership with nursing leadership team, facilitates multidisciplinary awareness of their role during site visit
  • Participates in Magnet site visit
    • Serves as host when a Magnet appraiser visits your work area/unit

Work Area Representation:

  • 1-2 representatives from each work area