Preventing CAUTI

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections or CAUTI’s are preventable and account for 15% of all hospital acquired infections...every day a catheter is in place the risk of infection increases.

The most effective means to prevent a CAUTI is to remove the catheter ASAP!

A.R.M. your patients against CAUTI by:

Avoid the use of catheters…consider Alternatives (See toolkit)

Reduce the number of days a catheter is in place by regularly assessing the need for the catheter. Remember the most effective means to prevent CAUTI is to remove the catheter as soon as possible. If the correct POE order template (see toolkit) is used a daily electronic reminder will be triggered. Without an order or use of a scripted order this step is missed

Maintain the catheter below the level of the bladder and avoid dependent loops. Perform daily catheter care using warm soap and water. Maintain a closed system and avoid disconnecting the catheter from the drainage bag. Use only the sterile port to obtain urine specimens. Secure the catheter to to prevent urethral trauma and traction. Insert catheters using aseptic technique.


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