Clinical Pastoral Education Progam

About CPE

Massachusetts General Hospital is the first general hospital in the United States to offer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). The program was established in 1934 by Richard Cabot, MD, and the Rev. Russell Dicks to provide expanded spiritual care to patients, families, and staff, as well as a supervised educational experience for clergy and theological students.

When Dr. Cabot met Rev. Dicks he was impressed with Dicks’ record keeping: “Here is a man who writes down the prayers he had with a man who is dying! We’d better ask him to stay … we might learn something.”

CPE at Mass General today continues to offer a welcoming and stimulating environment for learning. CPE students improve their spiritual care giving skills, while working alongside the nation’s top healthcare providers. CPE students benefit from innovative education methods - such as simulation, and they share in the collaborative ministry of a diverse group of spiritual care providers.

The Mass General CPE program offers a 3 unit, 12 month residency, a summer intensive CPE unit , and extended CPE units.

Massachusetts General Hospital is an Accredited Center for Levels 1 and 2 CPE, and Supervisory CPE by,
ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education We Work, Floor 4
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