Patient Education and Health Literacy

Empowering patients and families to partner fully in their care

Engaging with Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs)

The current members of the G-PFAC Education Subcommittee, in addition to myself, are Ann Galdos (chair), Robert Chen, Melissa Hoyt, Susan Keshian, Alexa Sherrill, Joyce Smith, and Carrie Stamos.

In 2016, the General PFAC (G-PFAC) formed among its working committees a new Patient Education Committee to work closely with the Blum Center staff as well as the Knight Simulation Program. Since March of 2016, members of the committee met monthly with Blum Center staff to review select materials written for patients and families.

The partnership has been so successful that not only will their review of written materials continue, but additional ways to collaborate with the G-PFAC are being explored.

“The work we have shared and done together so far has led to some great conversation and dialogue as well as some learning of our own. The Blum Center can really be a valuable resource … They have certainly helped us as a group to evolve and learn about some important aspects of resources and educating...”
-Melissa Hoyt, G-PFAC Member

If you have a patient or a family member who is interested in joining the MGH General PFAC or one of its committees, have them email or call (617) 726-3370.