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Because of the rapid nature of healthcare delivery and growing evidence on methods to improve outcomes, we believe that an experience clinical staff nurse is better positioned to orchestrate the necessary connections between the interdisciplinary care team and patients and families. With the aims of improving care that is safe, timely, and equitable, efficient, and designed to meet the needs and expectations of patients and families, we believe the role of the Attending Nurse (ARN), can support the goals of the care team by navigating the unknown, closing system-related gaps, and providing aspects of care that may normally not be completed due to workload and time constraints.

The Attending Nurse (ARN) will work with the entire healthcare team to facilitate and coordinate this seamless delivery of patient care. The ARN is a consistent patient/family and health care team member who supports and collaborates with the clinical staff nurse, attending physician, case manager and all the members of the team. These coordinated efforts are continuous throughout a patient’s care.

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ARN Spotlight

My name is Elizabeth Mover. I have worked at MGH since 2005. I began working on Ellison 9 CICU as a Critical Care Tech during nursing school. It was an amazing opportunity to work on Ellison 9 and I’m incredibly thankful for the nurses there who inspired my love of critical care nursing.
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2021 ARN Meeting Schedule
and Minutes

Meetings are the First Wednesday of the Month 12-1pm and held in Austen (formerly Founders) 325/or via Zoom unless otherwise posted.
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Capacity & Discharge

Tools for capacity management and discharge.
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Health Care Proxy

The Massachusetts Health Care Proxy form can be used by patients to appoint a competent adult they know and trust to be their Health Care Agent.

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Communication Boards

Communication Tools and Materials
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ARN Role & Best Practices

ARN role description and best practice information.
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