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The Institute for Patient Care is an internationally recognized center of excellence consisting of a collaborative of centers and programs driving innovations in patient care, staff education, research and knowledge development and dissemination.

Clinical Affiliations Program

The Clinical Affiliations Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is managed by the Institute for Patient Care. The Clinical Affiliation Program exemplifies…

Annually, nearly 3,000 students from more than 32 schools of nursing obtain clinical placements at MGH. The Student Group Placements with Faculty Program provides clinical placements for groups of students from local and regional schools. The Precepted Clinical Placement Program provides MGH staff preceptors for graduate and undergraduate nursing students. Students may be precepted by Staff Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nursing Directors, Associate Chief Nurses, the Senior VP for Patient Care and Chief Nurse, and Primary Care Physicians. Preceptors may be rewarded and recognized for their precepting activities through vouchers for payment for courses or continuing education programs at several of our affiliating schools.
MGH staff may hold faculty appointments at local colleges and universities, teaching in graduate and undergraduate programs. Staff who teach students on site at MGH bring an added value to the teaching/learning experience, bridging the gap between what is taught in the academic setting and the realities of the complex patient care environment. Staff are also invited to be guest lecturers or visiting scholars. Many staff seize the opportunity to positively influence care through education, and MGH values mutual contributions by service and academia in the education of future health care practitioners.
There are a number of benefits of the Clinical Affiliations Program, including

All requests for graduate and undergraduate nursing student placements are made through the Massachusetts Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCP), a collaborative project of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Center for Nursing. If an institution is not a member of the CCP, request may also be made by contacting  Julie Goldman.


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