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The Institute for Patient Care is an internationally recognized center of excellence consisting of a collaborative of centers and programs driving innovations in patient care, staff education, research and knowledge development and dissemination.

Knight Simulation Program

Vision Statement

The Knight Simulation Program will be a leader locally, nationally, and internationally in simulation program development, teaching, research, and consultation with the expressed purpose of educating clinicians to deliver the highest quality patient care.


The Knight Simulation Program will provide clinicians with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in a risk free, experiential learning environment to improve the quality of care and promote safety for the patient and clinician. Simulation will occur in concert with other teaching modalities to enhance the delivery of safe, efficient, competent, patient and family focused care.


We are located in the Professional Office Building (POB), Room 444, 275 Cambridge Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114.


The Knight Simulation Program in The Institute for Patient Care at MGH offers nursing and interdisciplinary educational programs to promote patient safety and excellence in clinical care. Each simulation program addresses the overall themes of leadership, communication, teamwork, decision-making, and application of clinical knowledge and skills. A faculty guided debriefing focusing on both the clinical and behavioral aspects of performance is included in each program. In addition to offering recurring programs, the Knight Simulation Program faculty can be consulted to develop individualized programs to meet unique learning needs for groups of participants.


If you have questions about our programs or are interested in developing a new program, please email You will receive a reply to your email within 3 business days. Thanks in advance for your interest in our programs.

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