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Global Nursing Education Program

Global Nursing Education Program

The MGH Global Nursing Education Program was developed in 1995. This program provides an opportunity for nurses throughout the world to visit MGH and consult with our expert nursing leaders and clinicians. The primary goals of the program are to improve global health care and to promote professional dialogue across cultures. An individualized learning curriculum is designed for each visitor to meet his or her learning objectives. Options for learning include clinical observation, leadership consultation and didactic lectures. MGH nursing consultants are also available for global healthcare in-country consultation projects.


Massachusetts General Hospital has a long tradition of serving people throughout the world. Founding physicians, Dr. James Jackson and Dr. John Collins Warren, wrote a circular letter on August 20, 1810 urging the establishment of a general hospital in Boston in which they asserted that, "When in distress, every man becomes our neighbor". The Massachusetts Legislature, led by former U.S. President John Adams, agreed. They granted a charter for the MGH stating that the hospital should serve citizens of other countries and provide comfort to "the whole family of man". 

Please note: we are currently accepting applications to the Global Nursing Education Program. However, due to COVID-related precautions, spaces and availability are limited.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding.  If you have any questions, please contact For further information please contact the Institute for Patient Care

Eligibility and who should apply

An applicant for the Global Nursing Education program at MGH is an individual primarily conducting research, observing or consulting in connection with a research project.  Applicants are involved in non-degree educational opportunities that exchange training expertise, partner in research and address health disparities while sharing professional perspectives to enhance mutual healthcare understanding.

Visitors apply and are approved based on eligibility criteria that aligns with MGH’s strategic plan and growth for global nursing education. Visiting scholars are accepted only if an on-site mentor/sponsor has been identified and has agreed to serve as their mentor/sponsor.  Applicants to the program will create a plan detailing the length of their visits and specific goals (length of visit maybe negotiated by MGH and the applicant).

How to Apply

Complete this form to apply: (link for Cvent application would go here). There is a $200 application (non-refundable)

Visiting Fees

The Global Nursing Education program charges a fee for all visitor visits.  Fees are variable on the length and objectives desired for the experience. For additional information on the fee schedule, please email the Global Nursing Educational Program contact the Institute for Patient Care.


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