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Central Venous Catheter
Dressing Change with

To provide a barrier against the introduction of infectious organisms. This dressing change should be used with any catheter that provides central venous access.

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PICC Dressing Change

Routine maintenance of the PICC (i.e., dressing changes) will be performed by the IV team – the IV RN and/or IV technician.

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Video: Central line
dressing change without

Dressing change

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Routine Flush of Central
Venous Catheters

Please visit Partners HealthCare System Policy Manager site to view Routine Flush of Central Venous Catheter

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Essential Changes

Summary of heparin flush changes.

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Pulsatile (Push/Pause)
Flushing Technique Video

Description goes here

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Complications and
Troubleshooting Teaching

The three biggies...

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Blood Specimens:
Obtaining from Central
Venous Access Device

Blood sampling for laboratory testing from a central vascular access device should be considered based on an evaluation of the benefits versus risks. Benefits include avoidance of anxiety, discomfort and dissatisfaction associated with venipuncture in patients who require frequent blood tests...

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Last Updated: 11/17/2020