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preventing hospital-acquired infections

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Key Contacts

Laura White, RN (#26242)
Julie Cronin, RN, NPS (#23292)
Susan Finn, RN, NPS (#?????)
Sally Geary, RN, NPS (#?????)
Andrea Hansen, RN, NPS (#22199)

Mary Sylvia-Reardon, RN, ND (#13837)
Roberta Culbert-Costley, RN, CNS (#26087)

Cathy Durham, RN (#24493)


IV Therapy
Denise Dreher, RN, CRNI
(Evening Resource RN beeper) #26571
Deb Guthrie, RN
(IV Therapy Office - ext. 6-3631)

Rick Foley, RN (#22056)

Bone Marrow Transplant
Laura White, RN, ND/NPS (#26242)

Policy, Procedure & Products Committee
Meets: 2nd Tuesday monthly, 1-3pm
Sweet Conference Room Gray/Bigelow 432
Link to Champions and Chairs: Click here

Last Updated: 11/17/2020