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2018 (in progress)

Bigelow 11 General Medicine 
Are manual or automated blood pressure measurements more accurate in adult patients?

Bigelow 13 Respiratory Acute Care Unit
As compared to standard care, does acupuncture improve symptom management (e.g. anxiety, insomnia) in patients who are mechanically ventilated? view poster

Ellison 8 Cardiac Surgery
Are primary negative pressure wound therapy dressings more effective at prevention of incisional dehiscence and deep sternal wound infections than dry sterile dressings in cardiac surgical patients?

Ellison 14 Burn Unit
Among burn unit nursing staff, do regular psychosocial nursing rounds reduce secondary traumatic distress, increase resiliency, and increase skill acquisition?

Transgender Clinic
In developing a transgender Primary Care medical Clinic, what are the best psychosocial models of care for adult patients?

White 7 General Surgery 
As compared to standard care, does the timing of the first vancomycin trough level and administration of the next dose of vancomycin before or after the trough level is available affect the incidence of complications (e.g., antibiotic resistance infections and nephrotoxicity) in adult patients?



Bigelow 6 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
What are the most effective treatments to prevent central venous catheter thrombosis in pediatric patients? view poster

Blake 10 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
In neonates, is the use of dextrose gel effective in the management  of hypoglycemia? view poster

Blake 13/Ellison 13
Is the use of oral dextrose gel safe and effective for newborns at risk for hypoglycemia vs. standard of care (formula supplementation / pasteurized donor human milk)? view poster

Ellison 4 Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Is in-situ simulation training (ISST) more effective than other training methods at improving teamwork and communication during bedside resuscitation of critical care patients? view poster


Blake 10 Newborn Intensive Care Units
What is the best method to verify feeding tube placement prior to feeding a preterm infant?
What measurement method is the most precise in determining length of feeding tube for placement in the preterm infant's stomach?

Ellison 9, Cardiac ICU/ Blake 8, Cardiac Surgical ICU
Is moral distress influenced by nurses' perceptions of their inclusion in the decision-making process or their understanding of the decision-making process? view poster

Ellison 4, Surgical ICU/ Blake 12
As compared to Mepilex foam dressings, do Smith & Nephew Allevyn foam dressings [prevent or] reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers on the sacrum / coccyx of critically ill patients? view poster

White 7 General Surgery
Does implementation of the nurse-driven protocol for indwelling urinary catheter removal decrease the dwell time and rate of CAUTI?

Lunder 6 Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit
In orally intubated patients, do taping or commercially available tube holders minimize skin breakdown? view poster

Lunder 9 Oncology
Does the use of the distress screening tool identify the levels and domains of distress of patients on an inpatient oncology unit? view poster



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