Educational Offerings

There are free SUDs education courses available to MGH staff via Health Stream, the MGH Psychiatry Academy, Harvard Medical School Online Continuing Medical Education. See below for links.

Harvard Medical School Phychiatry Programs


Are you interested in becoming certified as a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN)? Click below for more information, and speak to your Nurse Director about financial assistance that may be available to you. Boston Medical Center routinely offers a free da-ylong course for registered nurses who are preparing to sit for the CARN exam. Click here for the schedule of courses. There is also an International Nurses Society on Addictions, if you would like to get more involved.

Center for Nursing Education and Testing Certified Addictions Registered Nurse

Office Based Addiction Treatment Training and Technical Assistance

International Nurses Society on Addictions


MGH Redesigning Care for
Patients with Substance
Use Disorders

[internal access]

This course introduces the Addictions Consult Team (ACT), its members, roles, responsibilities, and resources.

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MGH PCS Reporting
is Supporting

[internal access]

This course is designed to raise staff awareness of the issues related to controlled substance use in the general population and specifically for the nursing workforce.

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MGH PCS Inpatient Use of
Opioid and Alcohol
Withdrawal Scales

[internal access]

Target audience includes MGH Inpatient Nursing using Epic. This course will discuss the background and use of opioid and alcohol withdrawal scales in Epic.

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MGH DACCPM Substance
Use Prevention Program

[internal access]

Review the current trends in substance use disorders (SUD) in society and anesthesia personnel. Present the results of 10 years of the DACCPM SUD prevention program Outline the current SUD program of the DACCPM

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Opioid Use Disorder Education Program (OUDEP)

Three free courses make up the Opioid Use Disorder Education Program (OUDEP). They are each composed of 8 units and can be taken in any order.

Course #1: Understanding Addiction: Fundamentals about the nature of addiction for practitioners seeking to learn more about opioid use disorder.

Course #2: Identification, Counseling, and Treatment of OUD: Current best practices for the identification and management of opioid use disorder

Course #3: Collaborative Care Approaches for Mgmt. of OUD: Collaborative strategies for ongoing management of opioid use disorder

Course #1 Course #2 Course #3

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