Process Improvement

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Partners Clinical
Process Improvement
Leadership Program (CPIP)

The Partners Clinical Process Improvement Leadership Program (CPIP) is an inter-professional, team-based educational program for physicians, nurses, other clinicians and administrators. The aim of CPIP is to facilitate the development of skills and competencies needed to deliver high quality care with efficient use of clinical resources.
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Process Improvement Primer

This course provides an introduction to process improvement methodology for those with no previous experience or those wanting a refresher of basic concepts.
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Greater Boston
Manufacturing Partnership

Compelling results and total employee engagement begin with quality hands-on Lean training.
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Learning Opportunities

Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI)

Everybody learns differently. While attending a workshops may work for you, a webinar may be a better fit for others. And depending on your situation more engagement with LEI coaches may be what you and your company needs. Below are some of the many options LEI provides for your lean education.
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IHI Open School

With dozens of online courses and hundreds of local Chapters around the world, the IHI Open School is here to support you and your team in providing the best possible care.
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Last Updated: 1/26/2021