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icare: Fostering a Welcoming Environment


What is icare?

icare: is a model and tool designed to help us live by the words of our Mission and Credo. icare provides a set of simple reminders of how we all, regardless of our role, shape the experiences of our patients, their families and our colleagues. Whether providing care directly or indirectly, or when simply walking through the Mass General hallways, we all foster a welcoming environment and have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on our patients, families, visitors and colleagues every day.

Why icare?

icare is a model developed through collaboration between the Office of Patient Experience and an interdisciplinary focus group, including representatives in different roles across the hospital, patients, and steering committees.

Utilizing the icare model benefits everyone - patients, families, visitors and fellow employees - as it:

  • Supports the Mass General Mission
  • Is the right thing to do
  • Helps patients feel welcomed and supported, which is frequently mentioned in patient survey verbatim comment

I communicate in a warm and welcoming manner.

  • I make eye contact, smile and introduce myself by name and role.
  • I listen actively, speak clearly and use positive body language.
  • I ask patients and families what questions or concerns they have.

I advocate on behalf of patients, families, colleagues and myself.

  • I anticipate needs and choose the attitude of “I’m here to help.”
  • I put patients and families first and help those who look lost.
  • I make sure patients, families and colleagues share in decision-making.

I respect and embrace differing values, opinions, and viewpoints.

  • I apologize when things go wrong.
  • I honor patients, families and colleagues by being mindful of where I am having conversations.
  • I help keep our surroundings clean and safe.

I empathize and acknowledge the feelings of others.

  • I show compassion and make a connection with patients, families and colleagues.
  • I demonstrate caring through simple gestures of kindness.
  • I remember that others may be in an unfamiliar environment and rely on us for help.

How can you make a diffrence with icare?

icare Huddle Messages

icare Huddle Messages are a quick guide to remind us that we each shape the patient experience, regardless of our role at Mass General. 

Each icare Huddle Message:

  • Highlights an icare standard
  • States our best practice
  • Details what you can do to make a difference
  • Provides up-to-date verbatim patient survey comments
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icare Learning Labs

icareLearning Labs are customized to your specific service area/clinic/department.  Each Learning Lab session:

  • Is conducted in your area/clinic/department by a member of our team.
  • Consists of core icare content and customized content to your area/clinic/department.  (Customized content is based on pre-Learning Lab observations performed in your area by a member of our team.)

To learn more about holding an icare Learning Lab in your area, please

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